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All our luxury Stag weekend activities

If you’re the best man you’ve got one very, very important task. It isn’t keeping hold of the rings or any of that noise. It’s making sure that your best mate gets the biggest and best bash you can throw him. The kind of event where you’ll go down in stag do history.

  • Yacht & Boat Hire

    Get on board, grab some beers and sail off into the deep waters with your best friends. Nothing sorts out a hangover like chilling out doing nothing apart from dipping your feet into the sea (or river.) Plus, if you're feeling brave you can even dive in and wash off last night’s beer sweats! Just make sure you’re in a state to swim back to the boat because there’s no way anyone can justify being rescued by their mates because they were too hungover to swim properly. 

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  • Limo Hire

    The general rule when thinking up stag do ideas is to try things that you don't normally get to do… as well as drinking yourself into oblivion of course (which goes without saying!) However when we travel from one location to another, most of us don’t hop inside a limousine to do it (unless you’re famous or important.) So if you fancy really pushing the boat out and living like VIP's for the stag weekend then a limo hire makes for the perfect addition.

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  • Wakeboarding

    Chances are you've seen it on TV or one of your mates has tried it but in short, wakeboarding is a surface water sport which involves riding over the water behind a boat. I bet you can guess what types of ingredients went into this aquatic sandwich - water skiing, snowboarding and surfing. Which means that if you fancy learning something new and having a laugh with your mates (most likely at you repeatedly falling in the water) then we suggest you book this wakeboarding experience. 

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  • Whisky Tasting

    The time when a boy becomes a man can be pin-pointed exactly. It’s the time when he’s able to pick up and appreciate a fine whisky. And ‘appreciate’ is the right word to use. Whether it’s a rich, peaty scotch or mellow bourbon these are the kind of drinks that slow down the world as you enjoy them, and all their intricate flavours.

    If you see a stag do as all about celebrating ‘guy-ness’ then a whisky tasting is a fantastic addition to your weekend. You’ll get to kick back and enjoy some taste-testing of the finest spirits around. An expert tutor will guide you through the flavours, all you need to do is enjoy.

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  • Brewery Tour

    We love our beer, it’s fuelled great stag dos since we were cavemen celebrating their last night of freedom with a night on the caves. And with these brewery tour experiences you’ll get to step behind the scenes and see how the amber nectar is made. And even better you’ll get to taste plenty of the delicious stuff along the way. So raise a glass on your stag!

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