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All our nightlife Stag weekend activities

This is it. The main event. Where Stag legends are made. The big night out. It’s an essential ingredient in the mix of what makes a great stag do.

At The Stag Company we’ve perfected the art of creating a great night out and we’ve got a ton of night life activities curated to suit your particular stag style.

  • Bar Crawl

    When you go on holiday with the family or your other half, you’ll probably hop on an open top bus or take an on-foot tour of the place you’re visiting. However this is a stag do, and whilst it’s good to learn about the history and culture of a city. There’s also something arguably cultured about absorbing some foreign alcohol into your system too. Plus a bar crawl is all part of the stag do tradition in our eyes: it’s a chance for your group to explore different watering holes and different atmospheres, not to mention a fun way to get a “lay of the land.” 

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  • Beer Tasting

    Sample a taste of the finer life with this beer tasting stag do. It’s the perfect blend of refinement and well… drinking lots of beer. So it’s ideal for the kind of stag who sees himself as a sophisticated gent about town, but still loves sinking a pint or two.

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  • Boat Party

    In our considerable experience stags are looking for something more than the usual night out. And that’s exactly why our boat parties are so popular, as soon as you set sail the good times start rolling. From London to Ibiza we’ve sourced out a fantastic party environment for you and the lads. There’s just something about sailing past iconic sights as you enjoy a few drinks. It’s stag do heaven.

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  • Casino Night

    The casino can go 2 ways: with you ‘making it rain’ with a stack of notes or you trudging home with empty pockets – but either way it’s almost a stag do staple to dice with lady luck and get a bit competitive with your mates. Head to your table of choice with a fist-full of chips and a four-leaf clover. 

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  • Cocktail Making

    Now don’t be passing off cocktails as girly drinks; sure any guy with a Cosmo might not look particularly manly but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any manly cocktails. What about a Manhattan, or an Old Fashioned? If you’ve ever fancied yourself as Tom Cruise in Cocktail, only better, then you need to find out more. Just book this... (you know you want to!)

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  • Comedy Show

    Stag weekends are filled with laughs as it is but send things into overdrive with an essential starting point to your night out: the comedy club. Packed with up and coming funny men and already established names, get the drinks flowing, have a bite to eat and laugh a whole lot – especially if the stag gets an example made of him!

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  • Gin Tasting

    Pour a toast to your stag with a sophisticated tasting which – we’re sure – after a few delicious gins might get a little less sophisticated. Across you’re tasting you’ll learn about the history of gin, the methods behind its creation and most importantly you’ll get to sample a wide range of gins. Whether in cocktails, paired with tonics or even on their own you’ll see how diverse this spirit is.

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  • Hooters

    Looking for mouth-watering food and a good time? Then why not add a taste of the states to your stag do with a memorable visit to the one and only Hooters restaurant in the UK. Providing impressive racks and juicy breasts (that’s just the food) in addition to some attentive service from the seriously attractive and iconic Hooters waitresses, this is certainly one food joint that you and the guys won’t want to be leaving in a hurry!

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  • Limo Hire

    The general rule when thinking up stag do ideas is to try things that you don't normally get to do… as well as drinking yourself into oblivion of course (which goes without saying!) However when we travel from one location to another, most of us don’t hop inside a limousine to do it (unless you’re famous or important.) So if you fancy really pushing the boat out and living like VIP's for the stag weekend then a limo hire makes for the perfect addition.

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  • VIP and Night Club Access

    No stag do is complete without at least one trip to a nightclub. There is nothing worse than wondering around late into the night and having no idea whether the clubs you’re passing are any good or not. That’s why we’ve done that for you, and can only offer decent establishments for you to drink and dance the night away in.

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  • Bus Tour

    Club Class Bus Tour: Get on the bus for your stag night and head around the city of your choice from bar to bar finishing up at the club with some free club passes.

    We know the best bars to go to for your stag night and we want to make sure that you get there in style and with the club class bus, you will do just that.

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  • Pre Club Bar

    There are many great British traditions out there. Afternoon tea. Morris Dancing. Watching Gordon Ramsay shout at people on TV. One of the greatest has to be pre-drinking. We’re a people who before going out drinking, go for a drink. So before a big stag do night out you need just as big a start to your night. We’ve worked out where all the best bars are in all of our locations, and whether it’s a relaxed bar or upmarket cocktail venue, our party planners can find the ideal pre-club bar for you to start a night out in.

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  • Pool Party

    How can you not love a pool party? It’s a nightclub recreated in the daytime, with water everywhere -  okay maybe that’s not the best comparison. Picture a paradise of bikini babes, cocktails, and live music from DJs and you’re on the right track. From Prague to Madrid, these pool parties are the holy grail of stag do activities.

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