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Best Man Tips!

Where Stag Weekend's Become Legendary

As you might expect from a company called ‘The Stag Company’ we’ve got pretty good at this whole stag do business. We’re the brains behind the legendary stag do antics that you and the lads will be reminiscing about at the pub for years and years to come. But that’s enough backslapping from us. What can we do for you?

Yet to put pen to paper and come up with a legendary speech? Don’t worry, we’re the Best Man’s best friend and we’ve got the ultimate guide to create the ultimate best man’s speech. If you need a little encouragement to make your drinking that little bit more fun, we’ve got the top list of stag do drinking games straight out of your uni years. And if you just want a shot of pure hilarity for your stag do our dare list is the comprehensive resource to up the ante and up the good times on any stag do.

After having a read through our best man tips section you’ll be transformed from a regular stag do-er into a proper legendary stag.

Best Man Duties

Helping Best Men actually be the 'best' since 2004, we are the unsung hero in making everything run smoothly your side. Need help writing that speech? Don't know what you should be doing on the day? You're in the right place!

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Best Man's Speech

We detail out everything you need to know, what you should be including (or probably more importantly, what you should be leaving out) and exactly how to make everyone laugh, from your mates to the brides grandparents.

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Stag Do Tips & Advice

Not sure where to take the stag and need to know a bit more about a city before making your choice? Learn about everything from the culture, to essential stag stats. All from the mouths of our experts that have 'been there and got the t-shirt'.

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Stag Drinking Games

Stag do games are a sure fire way of taking that stag do from memorable to legendary! We've picked out some of our tried and tested games for you and the lads; all listed, detailed, and explained for your stay partying pleasure!

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Stag do Pranks

Pranks come in all shapes and sizes, and right now you might be feeling a little bit lost, but don’t worry because we’ve compiled a definitive list of the best stag pranks from our own minds to those sent in from our conniving customers! 

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Stag Do Fancy Dress

You don't really get many chances to dress up like an idiot after the age of 12, so do it in style! It'll also be the chance to experience for the first time what women go through each day: WHAT TO WEAR, WHAT TO WEAR?!

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