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All our strippers Stag weekend activities

A stag do is all about sending your best mate into married life with a big smile on his face. A chance for him to really enjoy his last days of freedom. And his final days of being a single man should be celebrated in true style.

  • Butlerettes in the Buff

    So has the bride put her foot down firmly and demanded that in absolutely no circumstances whatsoever should her beloved groom be associating with strippers or semi naked waitresses whilst away on his stag do? If so, no problem! Introducing to you, the stunning Butlerettes, who will ensure that your groom (and the rest of the guys) can admire and enjoy the company of some beautiful women on his last weekend of freedom in a sophisticated and classy manner.

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  • Lap Dance and Strip Club

    What is there to say about this that you don’t already know? Not much and we’ll keep this quick for 2 reasons: we’re already itching to head down the strip joint ourselves and secondly, you probably don’t want your significant other to see you eyeing this activity up. But hey, it’s a stag do tradition - private dance or sat watching from the bar. 

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  • Mud Wrestling

    Is there a better way to spend an evening than watching some lovely ladies wrestle in a load of  wet, sticky mud? Of course there isn’t. Just make sure you don’t end up like our boy Blue did in Old School! Throw in some beers and you’re laughing! You never know maybe you’ll even be able to get the stag involved in a little wrestle of his own!

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  • Steak and Strip

    What do red blooded men eat when they're hungry? Red meat of course, and what's the perfect side order for your plate of meat? Normally we’d say chips but this activity isn’t like going on a dinner with your missus. Because our version comes with a side order of tits; yes we said tits, instead of chips. Tits. It is a stag do after all, and it’s a time to celebrate, try new things, and enjoy being a little bit flashy and gaudy. Saying that though vegetarians are also catered for if you don't eat meat (just make sure you tell our party planners when you ring up!) 

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  • Stripper Banquet

    Let us paint you a picture; you're dressed as Henry VIII and your faithful subjects have put on a welcoming banquet for you. You're starving and looking forward to a hog roast but when you get into your great hall there is no food in sight - only strippers. What man cares about food when there’s girls? No man. Well, this isn't too far from the truth. A lap dancing banquet involves three hours of feasting the senses over three delicious courses with as much beer as you can consume.

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  • Oil Wrestling

    Watch two girls battle like gladiators for your entertainment, what could beat this? I know, strip them off to their bikini’s and make them wrestle in oil, now you’re off to a winner! You can watch two stunning women rub each other in the heat of battle, before eventually dragging on the stag to humiliate him in front of his group.

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  • Jelly Wrestling Experience

    Enjoy the delights of the female form from the angle of jelly wrestling. There will be so many things jiggling and wobbling you won’t know where to look! The stag will though, as he has the chance to get involved himself. If you like your strip shows with a bit of sexy competition then jelly wrestling is just the ticket.

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  • Roly Poly Stripper

    A Roly Poly stripper is the opposite of what a normal stripper is. There is nothing sexy and fun for the stag here. Just humiliation and a barrel of laughter for those watching. Unless he likes his women big, and we mean really big. Roly Poly stripping is a niche in eastern Europe which involves a woman with an unhealthy addiction to eclairs, stripping and dancing for the stags pleasure. It is becoming increasingly popular to make a memorable event for a stag do and in this case it certainly meets that criteria. What you see, you can't unsee.

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