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All our unusual Stag weekend activities

We aren’t all cut from the same cloth. Not every stag do is built the same. If you’re the kind of guys who start a legendary experience with the words “I’ve got a crazy plan”, then these might be the activities for you. The alternative activities, the out-there suggestions, and the just plain unusual. These are the ones.

  • Amusement Parks

    Amusement parks are full of fun to be had at every turn. Rollercoasters, log flumes, arcade grabber machines with prizes that are impossible to pick up. Being thrown around upside down with a Saturday morning hangover to contend with separates the men from the boys. So if you like the idea of transforming into kids for an afternoon then this is the activity for you! Just make sure you try and no puke on the stag before heading back home: it make be a prank too far lads…

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  • Bake with a legend

    Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a baker? Well then, we have the activity for you. You and some of your closest friends and family will have the opportunity to have a baking experience with some of the icons from the popular TV programme! The experience will last for a total of three hours. Within that time, you will be able to create some amazing dishes that will reach the approval of an actual former GBBO baker!

    Ask your event planner today about the amazing unique experience.

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  • Beer Bike

    We all know we should embrace a little bit of culture and explore the city we're in when on holiday, but nobody said we can't be paraletic while doing it! All climb aboard the beer bike, where you will work together as a group to push the portable bar along as you neck down ridiculous amounts of booze. This activity is increasing in popularity, with it being offered in more cities every single month, making it a viable option for almost where ever you are going.

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  • Blind Driving

    This stag do activity will go against every logical bone in your body and we all know that if you're unfortunately blind you learn to steer a dog, not a car. Anyway, the novel sport of blind driving is really becoming popular on the stag party circuit. Blind driving will ask the question - do you trust our mate? Well, do you? Do you really??

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  • Escape Room Challenge

    Escape Room experiences are quickly becoming some of the most popular stag do activities all over Europe. You and your team will have to use your logic, wit, and a common sense to solve problems and puzzles that’ll lead to your escape. If you’re all about finding ‘something different’ to do on the stag, this is the one for you. Even if you have participated in an activity like this before, the chances of you facing similar puzzles is very small, if, however, this is something you are concerned about then talk to one of our party planners about your concern and we will do our best to make sure you are provided with a different set of activities. 

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  • Demolition Derby

    The experience is action packed fun that many of our customers say is the most memorable bit of their stag do. Whether you’re racing to come in first to get bragging rights - or just trying to avoid a forfeit of having to do a stag do dare by coming in last – it’s an activity that gives you plenty of competitive motivation. After this event is over, and you go back from a motorised maniac to a vaguely normal member of society, you’ll have plenty of banter to last the rest of the weekend. And you’ll have made memories that last even longer.

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  • Food Challenge

    Think you can eat more food than a mere mortal? Well now is the time to show it, in a food challenge to go head to head with the TV show itself! Volume isn’t your thing? Well how about a spice challenge instead? Both are available, it’s just whether the stag is able to complete it or chicken out like many men before him…

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  • Gentlemans Afternoon Tea

    Gentleman's afternoon tea sir? If you are in search of an alternative activity which is perfectly on trend, then gentleman’s afternoon tea is the activity for you on your stag weekend away! Oozing utter class and sophistication you will be truly spoilt for choice with the options provided in your very own, specially created gentleman’s afternoon tea. Expect pies, tea's and brownies, this is definitely not your standard afternoon tea!

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  • Highland Games

    Ever harboured a secret ambition to toss the caber or try hurling the wellies? Scotland's Highland Games are world famous for celebrating Scottish sporting tradition, so we thought we would offer the ultimate Mini Highland Games experience for you! Fun-filled competitions, instructors clad in kilts and plenty of that renowned Highland hospitality - and all in the most stunning of Scottish surroundings.

    Our team of kilted instructors are there to encourage and coach, and also help make your experience memorable.

    Events included are:

    Tossing the Caber
    Hurling the Wellies
    The Farmer's Dash
    Tyre Flip
    The Haggis Malt Challenge
    Weight O'er Bar
    Tossing the Hammer
    Tug o' War
    Puttin’ the Stane

    The winning team walks away with a bottle of wiskey too!

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  • It's a Knockout

    I'm sure you all remember It's a Knockout - the famous show in the 1970s and now you can have your very own go on your stag weekend. I for one remember adults dressed as jesters with massive Frank Sidebottom heads slipping on turning logs and falling into pools of cold water.

    Think gunge, costumes, bungee runs, water slide and greasy poles. This will be a stag weekend with a difference and have you all laughing from the moment you see each other in your costumes. If you fancy reliving some Saturday Night, 80's fun, then this is the stag party for you!

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  • Treasure Hunt

    Getting involved with a pub treasure hunt on your stag do is always a great idea – it’s fun and it’s also a great way to break the ice if there’s fellow stags that you don’t know too well within the group. With this excellent pub themed treasure hunt, you and the guys will experience a pub quiz and a drinking session with a difference – you’ll head to interesting parts of your chosen stag city and its pubs where you’ll use the mobile adventure app to answer questions; however, the next question will only become available once GPS confirms that you’re in the right place! The real risk with the treasure hunt comes in the form of timed challenges, where your team is threatened with penalty points if you ponder and take too long to answer the set questions! There’s also a handy feature which allows you to see who’s in the lead with the live map and scoreboard!

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  • Stag Fake Arrest

    The general gist of this activity is that the stag gets 'arrested' by fake Police. He is terrified, wishing he never went away as the fake Police bring him to a room for questioning. 

    After the stag thinks he's going to be arrested and banged up abroad, you all tell him it was a massive hoax, but hopefully, you'll have the entire episode on camera, so you can watch it on repeat for many years to come!

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  • Sumo Wrestling

    The serious sport of sumo wrestling, and yes contrary to what you've seen in the local boozer on a stag night out, is a very serious sport originating from the ancient island of Japan, circa 1500.

    Sumo wrestlers are treated like royalty and all live together where they train, eat, sleep, eat, fart, eat and sometimes partake in a little bit of man on man wrestling.

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  • Welsh Country Games

    For all those sports lovers that would rather go for a sheep style rodeo over a game of footie, this is your event! You will all get the chance to try out 9 different activities, from the Rugby Run to The Welsh Celebrity Knockout Launch, something to keep you all in fits of laughter till the end of the day.

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  • West Country Games

    The West Country Games is a series of fun events that are played throughout the course of the day. Featuring gems such as The Cider Run, Pitchfork Duel, Welly Wanging, and Vicky Pollard Handbags to name but a few. Your sides will hurt from constantly laughing all day, and you even play on a real life farm, OOH ARRRR!

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  • Zombie Boot Camp

    Zombies seem to be a common fear among people but do you think you are prepared for it? If you are a fan of the many TV shows around Zombies or maybe just genuinely fear the apocolypse then this bootcamp will teach you what you need to know to survive! You will get a chance to test your skills against the 'real' thing! It will be a test of your mettle and also a chance to see how you work together as a team. You will weed out the weak and only the strong will survive!

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  • Zorbing

    Have you ever wanted to run around in a wheel like your pet hamster? Didn't it look like so much fun? Well, now we have something for a stag weekend that could be right up your street - Zorbing.

    If the idea of hurling yourself down a hill inside a plastic ball is your idea of a good stag weekend activity, then look no further. On this stag weekend you will be strapped inside a ball and rolled down a hill. This is quite an intense sensation so not for the faint hearted as you are bumped around.

    You have the choice of doing this with someone or on you own and with or without water. If you are an adrenalin seeking junkie, then this is the stag weekend activity for you.

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  • Rockstar for a day

    If you have ever dreamed of being a rock star then this is your opportunity to do so on your last weekend of freedom. Our exclusive activity gives you a day with professional musicians who will teach you to play in a band with your fellow stags, no matter what your musical level is. Even if you are a complete novice!

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  • Be the wedding band

    Surprise the bride and wedding guests with this genius stag activity. Learn how to play a song with your mates for a day and then perform at the wedding itself! You and the boys don't need any previous musical knowledge as your teachers are professional musicians themselves. You will get to play a wide array of fun instruments.

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  • Hire a Dwarf

    If you want your stag do to be memorable and make for some interesting photos then our dwarf hire could be the thing for you. For an hour you can have the stag brought down to earth with a small companion handcuffed to him. He will be there whether the stag is at the bar, on the dancefloor or even the toilet!

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  • Celeb Pick 'N' Mix

    Enjoy a night of drinking with one of your favourite celebs. Your sexy host will lead you and your group through a variety of drinking games and chat that will make sure you get your night started off right. Spend two hours in the precense of your 'famous' new friend and get some great pictures to show your mates when your home. The stag will also have to dress up as part of the two hour session to make sure he doesn't get away without any traditional humiliation! 

    Among the perks of the night include your own private serviced table and five drinks per person as part of the deal.

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