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Bristol Stag Do's

A bohemian city with everything you need for a top stag weekend

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Trending stag activities in Bristol

The unofficial capital of the West Country, and officially one of the best cities in the UK for a stag weekend. Welcome to the Wild West.

Bristol stag do guide

Bristol is great if you are looking for

  • More pubs per mile than most other UK cities!

  • A bohemian city that’s cheaper and more laid back than London

  • Solid range of stag experiences for both daytime and evening

Bristol is an eclectic and bohemian city in the West Country. Its laid back atmosphere blended with a renowned nightlife scene makes it an ideal destination for your stag party. And with no fewer than 10 pubs per square mile, you’ll never be far from a top notch drinking spot.

Another thing that we really love about Bristol is the amazing range of classic stag do activities both in the city and in the surrounding countryside. Whatever your group’s up for, getting muddy in the outdoors, competitive team sports, or something a little more refined like Bourbon Tasting, there’s plenty to inspire you.

Getting around

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Alright me luvvers? Welcome to Bristol, one of our favourite destinations for a stag do in the UK. And it’s refreshingly easy to get to as well - just 90 minutes on the train from London, for example.


If you're planning to drive to Bristol, there are lots of inexpensive public car parks in the city centre where you can leave your motors with confidence. The car park in Queen Square, right in the heart of Bristol has 160 spaces alone, and it costs just £5 to park overnight. It even has electric car charging!


Like all the best stag do destinations, Bristol is very walkable, and of course we aim to place you in a stag hotel no more than 10-20 minutes’ stroll from the nightlife.


Prefer not to wear out your shoe leather? You can hail a blue Hackney carriage on the street, or book a private hire taxi. There are taxi ranks around the city, close to key destinations such as Corn Street in the Old City.


Bristol is a famously bike-friendly city, with lots of cycle lanes. Sadly, at the time of writing it’s no longer possible to just pick up a rental bike with an app and go, as too many of them were being vandalised or stolen. However there are still lots of bike rental places if you want to explore the city on two wheels - you can even rent tandems. Check out Cycle the City, a website through which you can hire good quality bikes for half-day or multi-day trips. 


Tips and ideas

If you’re searching for a stag do location that has a wide range of exciting activities combined with seriously buzzing nightlife, you won’t go wrong with Bristol. Let’s start with the activities.

The Best Stag Do Ideas in Bristol

1. Paintballing

Hey, lads! If you're looking to turn your Bristol stag do into an unforgettable showdown of epic proportions, then paintballing is the activity for you! Suit up, jump into the ultimate battleground and get ready for a wild paintball skirmish with your mates. It's an adventure that'll make you feel like you're in an action movie for a day! You can give the groom the send-off he truly deserves by targeting him for some side-splitting, laugh-out-loud moments. The city’s paintball spots are the place to be for endless laughs, tactical showdowns and friendly banter, making it the ultimate recipe for an absolutely legendary stag do. Get ready to paint the town red, literally!

2. Go Karting

Turn your stag do into a wild, high-octane adventure with go karting, an absolute must do. Get ready to experience some serious adrenaline as you zoom onto the track, battling your mates for that coveted pole position. It's a petrolhead paradise where you'll be revving those engines and flaunting your driving prowess in style. Liverpool's go kart circuits will give you all heart-pounding experience where you'll take on lightning-fast straights for some epic overtaking action and tackle those hairpin bends like a boss to showcase your driving skills. It's time to get your speedster spirit on and make some unforgettable memories on the track!

3. Bar Crawl

Get ready to rock because the ultimate key to an unforgettable Bristol stag do is a good old-fashioned bar crawl! This city is like a treasure chest of buzzing pubs, lively bars and clubs that you’ll all love. You and your squad will be led by a professional guide, embarking on an epic, boozy adventure through the heart of the city. You'll soak in the local vibes, down a pint or more and create memories that'll be talked about for years to come. Whether you're up for a wild public party or want to keep it more private, we've got you covered. So grab your drinks, soak in the banter and let Bristol's incredible nightlife set the stage for your last night of freedom.

4. West Country Games

Get into the spirit of this top city as you dive into the wacky world of West Country Games. It's like a themed, hilarious combination of It's a Knockout, Total Wipeout and Ninja Warrior! You'll be whacking, wobbling, tossing and chasing your way through games like welly wanging, the cider run, Vicky Pollard handbags and drunken pub skittles, among others! And here's the kicker: you can deck the stag out in the silliest getup you can find. Little Bo Peep, anyone? It's all in good fun, with prizes for the winner. Plus, a photographer will snap pics of the shenanigans, so you can relive the hilarity and share those priceless moments over and over again. So embrace the Somerset countryside for a side-splitting event packed with hilarious antics.

5. Strippers

No stag do in Bristol is complete without a visit to a sizzling strip club! It's the ultimate way to kick back, have a blast and revel in the cheeky entertainment that only the city's top strip joints can provide. Brace yourself for some scorching-hot performances by stunning ladies who know exactly how to work the stage and get you hot under the collar. You can even amp up the excitement by treating the groom-to-be to a private dance! With a night filled with jaw-dropping shows, thumping music and plenty of drinks flowing, you're in for a stag-do-worthy experience that'll make the groom's last night of freedom one to remember. Let's turn up the heat!

6. Bubble Football

Prepare for some epic, side-splitting fun, guys! Bubble football is where you and your gang suit up in massive, one-man, inflatable zorb balls, and then it's all about crashing into each other, trying to score goals and laughing your heads off. Think of it as regular football with a hysterical twist. You'll be tripping, stumbling and wobbling around the field, making it a level playing ground for everyone's ball skills. Those zorbs will soak up the impacts, so you can go all out when tackling the opposing squad. Just a tip: keep your wits about you, or you might end up rolling around the pitch like a gigantic, inflatable beach ball. Get ready for some bonkers but brilliant action!

7. Alcotraz

Get ready to lock yourselves up in a wild, prison-themed escapade at Alcotraz! You and your crew will be fully immersed as inmates, donning those eye-catching orange jumpsuits, perfect for epic pics that'll have you in stitches. But first, you've got to outsmart the crafty warden by sneaking in your stash of booze. Then, the real fun begins with personalised cocktails served while you're "doing time" behind bars. It's an interactive, laugh-out-loud story where you'll need to keep a straight face during surprise inspections. With talented actors bringing this quirky world to life, and a pro mixologist crafting bespoke cocktails just for you, it's a unique, fun-packed experience you won't want to miss!

8. Nightclub Entry

Wrap up your stag in serious style by hitting the clubs. It’s a must! When the sun goes down, this city cranks up the energy, setting the stage for you and your mates to go wild, dance your hearts out and give the groom an unforgettable send-off. With a nightlife scene that's bursting with diversity, vibrancy and every genre of music imaginable, Bristol's clubs are where you'll make memories that'll last a lifetime. So gather your squad, slip into your slickest party threads, and get ready to dominate the dance floor. This is your time to shine, lads!

9. Axe Throwing

Just imagine you and your friends armed with badass axes, taking aim at huge wooden targets. It's like unleashing your inner lumberjack or action hero. You'll feel like a Viking warrior in no time, and the satisfaction of landing that bullseye is off the charts. It doesn’t matter if you hit the bullseye every time. It's all about banter, laughs and that friendly competition to see who's got the best axe-slinging skills. Plus, you'll have a pro to show you the ropes and keep things safe while you have fun and get rid of any pre-wedding stress. Get ready to throw, shout and conquer those targets. This is axeciting fun! Sorry, we had to!

10. Quad Biking

Quad biking is the ultimate thrill ride. Picture tearing through rugged off-road terrain on these mean machines, kicking up dirt and getting your adrenaline pumping. You and your mates will feel like off-road champs, conquering tricky trails, slopes and mud pits. It's all about that wild, fast and furious kind of fun, perfect for the boys looking to rev up their stag adventure. Whether you're a quad biking pro or a first-timer, you're in for a heart-pounding, mud-splattering good time. So hold on tight, embrace the mud-slinging madness and see who’s got the best driving skills in your group.

More Bristol Stag Do Tips

You’ve got all your classic stag do experiences in Bristol, from a combined Blind Driving, Clay Pigeons & Off-Road Buggies Experience, to the ever-popular Paintballing - make sure the groom-to-be is wearing something nice and bright!

However, if you and the lads would like to try something a little different during your stay, then we’ve got you covered on that front too. You could try a hilarious West Country Themed Games afternoon - think drunk pub skittles, cider run (don’t drink beforehand is our advice), and the brilliant welly wanging. Alternatively, Bristol also has awesome Woodlands Survival Weekends available, where you can learn some useful bushcraft skills in case of a zombie apocalypse. Essentially, whatever you and the guys are into, you’ll find Bristol will keep you satisfied.

But that’s far from all. We said this is a first-rate stag do venue, and we meant it. There’s no end of things to do in Bristol on a stag weekend before the sun goes down and the beers with it. For starters, what about joining a street art walking tour? There’s around 200 street artists and graffiti writers at work in Bristol, and of course the most famous is Banksy. Some of the mystery artist’s earliest works can still be seen around the city, including Mild, Mild West near The Canteen, and Grim Reaper, now housed at the M Shed museum on the Princess Wharf.

Bristol has everything from high-rope courses to axe-throwing and even surf lessons for more active stag groups. We can also help you to arrange Archery, Footgolf, and Mud Buggy Driving, always a hit on Bristol stag weekends.

This is also a major hub for craft brewing. There are 20 or so breweries in Bristol, and several have tap rooms where you can enjoy a tasting session of the local offerings. Moor Beer Company near Temple Meads train station is a good option, with a tap house, shop and site tours on offer - plus it has vegan-friendly beers too. Several central pubs also brew their own small batches for punters to try; these include King Street Brewhouse and Zero Degrees

But at heart, Bristol remains a cider city, and you can find locally fermented cider in pubs all over the place. The Cider Box is home to a tap room under an old Victorian railway arch - it’s not too much of a trek getting there, so if that’s your thing, we recommend you have at it. And naturally, there are loads of great beer gardens around Bristol that are ideal for a spot of sunny day drinking. The Arnolfini Café Bar is always lively, with a central location, picturesque views of the historic harbour, and a solid commitment to reduce their carbon footprint wherever possible. 



Nightlife image 1
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Some of the best stag do areas in Bristol for pubs and bars include the Harbourside, the Clifton Triangle and the Old City, particularly Corn Street and King Street. Stokes Croft meanwhile is a hub of artistic culture. It has an edgier vibe to it than other areas, but some really cool bars such as The Bootlegger.

Bristol boasts a truly effervescent nightlife scene, from speakeasies and cocktail bars, to restaurants and some of the most renowned clubs in the UK, so whatever your group is in the mood for, you can find it. We can arrange for you to begin your evening with a few laughs at a Comedy Club, or if gambling is more your thing, head on over to the Grosvenor Casino, where you can enjoy a drink or two whilst trying your luck on the roulette table. Then finish your night with a visit to one of Bristol’s most popular stag-friendly nightclubs, PRYZM, comprising several chic bars with state of the art interiors and high-tech sound systems playing dancefloor classics. We can even arrange a booth package so you and the guys can enjoy the stag's last weekend of freedom in style. 

Music Scene

Bristol has a fantastic live music scene. This was the birthplace of trip hop which gave us Tricky, Portishead and Massive Attack. Other highly regarded music venues include: The Canteen, which also offers locally sourced and ethically produced quality food; Lakota, which for 30 years has championed the sounds of the underground; and Motion, which is tagged as one of the world's most exciting and ever-evolving venues. 


We recommend getting a bite to eat at a stag-friendly restaurant before the night really gets going, so you can line your stomachs - eating is defintely NOT cheating. Pre-club bars in Bristol such as Walkabout and Revolution cater excellently to thirsty, hungry stag groups and our team can reserve you a table. An alternative is a Guided Bar Crawl - handy for your first evening if you’re newcomers to Bristol and want to get your bearings on the city and its best nightspots.

Strip Clubs

Lastly, if you want to treat the groom-to-be to a lap dance, make for Bristol's recently refurbished, original gentlemen's club, Central Chambers. Here you can also book one of the latest crazes in stag weekends - a private life drawing class. 


Is Bristol good for a stag do?

Bristol has long been a favourite for stag do's. Firstly, and probably most importantly, you’ve got an amazing nightlife scene. Everything from cocktail bars to craft beer tap rooms, seriously good nightclubs and spacious beer gardens. 

You’ve got the full suite of stag activities, from Paintballing to Escape Rooms and Quad Biking, mixed with some Bristol classics like West Country Games. And we’ve also got plenty of excellent stag hotels in Bristol for you to choose from. So all-round, Bristol is a fantastic stag do destination.

Can we wear fancy dress on a Bristol stag do?

Absolutely, many bars and clubs will accept stag groups in fancy dress. Bear in mind though that they will draw a line on some costumes so make sure it’s not too inappropriate. Our Event Planners will be able to advise you of venues that aren't too happy with groups in funny get-ups!

What's the best way to travel to our activities?

That depends on what you're doing. For city centre activities, you'll either be able to walk there easily, or make use of the decent public transport services available. If you're heading further afield however, such as for a Paintballing session, then you'll need to think ahead on how to get to and from the sites. 

Where are your Bristol stag do hotels?

Our stag hotels in Bristol are located within 10-20 minutes’ walk, or a short taxi ride, from all the best nightlife destinations such as the Old City and Harbourside. Make sure you book early for the most choice and to secure the best possible rates. We can also book self-catering apartments in Bristol for stag groups, if you want that extra degree of privacy.

Which Bristol bars allow stag groups?

Many Bristol bars will accept well-behaved stag groups but we recommend those that specifically welcome them, such as Revolution or Walkabout. We can book your tables for you in advance to make sure there’s no waiting around on arrival. 

Do you offer Bristol stag weekend packages?

Our stag do packages in Bristol are a reliable option if you want a solid foundation for your weekend with all the basics taken care of on your behalf. We have a range of options that including a sampling of the best activities and nightlife, as well as your accommodation.

What are the best stag weekend activities in Bristol?

There’s so much choice in Bristol. You can opt for the can’t-go-wrong classics like Paintballing, Quad Biking or an Escape Room. Or think about something a little more unusual but just as fun, like West Country-themed Games, or even a Woodlands Survival Weekend. We can book door-to-door transfers for activities too so no need to worry about driving. 

In the evenings we imagine that you'll mostly want to paint the town red, but if you want to make it interesting, why not consider a few hours (pre-booked) at a Casino, a tasting session for gin, craft beer or bourbon, or even a Nude Life Drawing Class - the model is nude, not you, so no need to wear your best pants. 

Need more options?

Here are some other great stag destinations near Bristol:


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