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Krakow Stag Do's

Cheap beers and classic Eastern Europe stag adventure

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Get the most out of your stag weekend to Krakow with one of our incredible package deals. Try our Krakow On The Splash Package, where you and the rest of the group can get your teeth stuck into an exhilarating whitewater rafting experience, an unbelievable guided bar crawl, in addition to a visit to a sexy lap dancing club. We’ll also get your transfers and accommodation sorted to make life that bit easier. Or perhaps you’d prefer to go wild for our Krakow Off The Rails Package; with this one, you’ll get to enjoy a luxury vodka tram and strip show, a guided bar crawl including entry to a sexy lap dancing club and a thrilling airsoft experience along with transfers and accommodation. 

Krakow stag do guide

Krakow is great if you are looking for

  • One of Eastern Europe’s best stag do destinations

  • Top quality vodka and cheap beer

  • Female mud wrestling, bar crawls, stripper banquets and shooting ranges

One of Eastern Europe’s most popular stag destinations, Krakow is a city of many sides, from the spiky medieval architecture of the Old Town to the otherworldly charm of the Kazimierz neighbourhood. Kazimierz’s low-lit cellar pubs are a particular highlight: they are the perfect place to sample the local ales and of course that Polish standard-issue - vodka! Trust us, if it’s an epic European stag do you’re after then this is the place to go!

Getting around

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Krakow is very easy to get to for your stag do. There are budget flights available from many UK airports with carriers including Ryanair, Easyjet, Wizz and British Airways. 

Krakow Airport is about 12 miles from the city centre and there are several ways to make the transfer. The modern, comfortable train is the simplest - it costs about 9zl (£1.60), takes 20 minutes, and deposits you right in the centre of town. Buy tickets on the platform from a machine, on the train itself, or in the Arrivals hall. The bus takes a little longer but is also inexpensive. There are plenty of taxis too, or for maximum convenience, let us sort you out with door-to-door transfers to your chosen stag accommodation in Krakow.

A Walkable City

Getting around Krakow once you’re there is similarly easy. The city centre is very walkable, and we’d recommend that as it’s a good chance for you to see sights and buildings that you may have otherwise missed, like Royal Way or the Planty Park which surrounds the old city all the way from Florian’s Gate to Wawel Castle. 

Krakow Card

However, if your legs aren’t up to it, the award-winning public transport system whisks you around the city by tram or bus. Your best bet is to buy an integrated Krakow Card, for 1, 2 or 3 days. This gives you unlimited public transport. Note that for individual tickets, which you can buy onboard or from machines at each stop, you are given a set amount of time, meaning that if your journey involves changes you don’t need to buy two separate tickets. Not all ticket machines take card, so it’s best to have some change handy too (Poland uses the zloty, not the Euro).

Remember to stamp your tickets as soon as you board a bus or tram - there are inspectors around and you will pick up a hefty fine if they catch you trying to dodge a fare. And locals don’t look too kindly on it either.

There are regular bus and trams through to about 11pm, after which they run less frequently. You can also hire taxis of course - they can be very expensive however. Krakow also has its share of Uber and Bolt drivers. But given that your Krakow stag hotel will be only a short walk from the main nightlife areas, you probably won’t need them. 

Most of our Krakow stag activities are based in or around the city centre. For those that aren’t, such as white water rafting, we can arrange transfers for your group so that you aren’t stuck waiting around for the bus or paying extortionate taxi fares.

Tips and ideas

Cheap beer alone doesn’t sell a city for stag do’s. You need something more, and Krakow has it by the bucketload. There are masses of great stag do activities here, and there’s also stacks of cool things to do if you just fancy wandering around the city for an afternoon. Allow us to fill you in. 

The Best Stag Do Ideas in Krakow

1. Shooting Experience

Get ready for an epic activity that you could never do at home! Your adrenaline will be pumping from start to finish as you and your crew get your hands on a range of guns including a Glock, UZI, AK, Magnum calibre revolver, pump-action shotgun and more. You’ll have a blast (literally!) as you ready, aim and fire at a range of fun and challenging targets. Feel the power, embrace the thrill and channel your inner action hero as you fire away at the coolest arsenal in town. Full instruction is given, as well as a safety briefing, so anyone can give it a go. Whether you're a sharpshooter or just want to make some noise, Krakow's gun ranges are the ultimate playground for an unforgettable stag do.

2. Go Karting

Rev up your day out with this adrenaline-fueled classic, go karting! Buckle up as you and the lads hit a top-notch indoor go-karting centre, ready to unleash your inner speed demon. Tear around the tracks, battling for pole position and bragging rights in this epic race against your mates. The centre’s staff will show you the ropes then it’s off to you to put your pedal to the metal and race around the track, reaching speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. The winner will get a bottle of bubbly to savour the victory. Inject some friendly competition by creating cheeky forfeits for the loser. Just make sure it isn’t you!

3. Fake Stag Arrest

It’s time to pull off the ultimate stag stitch up, the fake arrest prank that’ll have the groom-to-be second-guessing his last moments of freedom! The groom will be handcuffed by an actor posing as a policeman, thinking he's bound for a police station and begging for his freedom. But he’s in for a surprise because he’ll instead be whisked away to a room where a sultry stripper awaits, ready to give him a striptease he'll never forget. Keep those poker faces on, lads, as the stag goes from shock to sheer delight. Snap a pic of that priceless expression, and then raise a toast with a cold beer because we all know that laughter is the best stag party medicine!

4. Bar Crawl

Krakow's nightlife is off the charts and the best way to explore it is with a bar crawl, led by a local expert. You and your crew will conquer the hottest spots like the Old Town's bustling Market Square or the trendy Kazimierz district, where every cobblestone street hides a hidden gem. Unleash the stag party spirit as you explore diverse pubs, vibrant clubs and quirky bars.  Your guide will take you to a range of watering holes so there’s something for everyone. They’ll even include a few drinks and shots to get the party going. Krakow's unique blend of historic charm and modern vibes ensures an unforgettable night out.

5. Party Boat

Set sail for an unforgettable night out onboard a party boat cruise on the Wisla River! You’ll get two hours of non-stop fun, cruising past stunning city sights, dancing to the beats of an onboard DJ, and, the best part, an unlimited open bar! Yes, you heard that right; you’ll get unlimited beer, rum, vodka, gin and mixers to keep the party vibes flowing. Whether your dance moves are smooth as silk or hilariously out there, this boat has seen it all. Just let your hair down with your mates and have fun! As you disembark, the night is far from over as your group scores entry to a banging nightclub nearby.

6. Bubble Football

Kick your stag do into high gear with bubble football where footie meets sumo wrestling with hilarious results! You’ll each wear a big, inflatable zorb, rendering your arms useless and your balance all over the place. It's a recipe for laughs as you and your mates collide at full speed, bumping, bouncing and rolling around the pitch without a care in the world. An event coordinator will explain the rules, keep score and make sure there’s no cheating. Full-throttle collisions while tackling aren’t just encouraged; they're the name of the game. You can give it some welly because the bubble’s got you covered, taking some of the impact. It's football like you've never played before!

7. Strippers

Gazing upon gorgeous strippers is a rite of passage no stag should miss, a tradition that adds the perfect sizzle to your last night of freedom. We won't argue with tradition! You and the groom-to-be will soak in the view, revelling in the sight of beautiful ladies strutting their stuff, undressing slowly to tease and please you. With entry to one of Krakow's premium lap dancing clubs, stunning babes and a fully-stocked bar at your fingertips, prepare for a legendary evening where what happens in the strip club stays in the strip club! You can even hire a sexy stripper to come to your accommodation to put on a private show, away from prying eyes.

8. Paintballing

Paintballing is the quintessential activity for the young at heart stag! It’ll help you all to unleash your inner action hero, letting loose in the great outdoors and splattering everyone and everything you see with paint! Krakow offers some awesome paintballing locations, ensuring barrels full of laughs and high-octane action. What kind of paintball player are you? Are you the tactical mastermind or will you just run in all guns blazing? Whatever your style, make covering the groom-to-be in paint your top mission! You could even get him to wear fancy dress so that he sticks out like a sore thumb, the perfect target!

9. Beer Tasting

Are you and the lads beer fans? Of course, you are! Embark on a beer-fueled adventure where laughter, drinks and learning combine! You and the lads will be guided by an English-speaking beer guru, hopping from pub to pub, sampling Krakow's finest brews. Forget the boring lectures; at a top-notch venue, a professional beer tasting host introduces you to a stellar lineup of brews, spilling the beans on history and tasting notes. It's all about fun and your beer tasting is as chilled as the drinks, letting you relax, enjoy laughs with the guys and maybe get a bit merry by the session's end. Cheers to that!

10. Escape Room

This challenge is a real game changer! If you and the lads are craving some brain-bending, team fun, you’ve got to try an escape room. Locked in a room, you'll tackle multiple clues and puzzles, unleashing your inner detectives to make a grand escape. It's the ultimate icebreaker, forcing your stag squad to communicate, collaborate and crack the codes together. You’ll need to work quickly because you’ll only have one hour to hunt for clues and solve all the puzzles. Unleash your inner Sherlock Holmes and get to work! Once you’re out, there’s a well deserved beer waiting for each of you.

More Krakow Stag Do Tips

We’ll start with some of the action-packed stag experiences that you can find in Krakow and which many of our groups love. To begin with, there’s White Water Rafting, two hours of wet and wild fun that will leave you buzzing, and hungry no doubt. 

Another of our best stag activities in Krakow is a trip to a Shooting Range. Here you can live out your fantasies blasting away at the targets with a Glock, an AK47, and a pump action shotgun. 

If you want to take it easy, we’d suggest a boozy River Cruise one afternoon, taking in the sights along the Vistula, with a well-stocked bar onboard. We can also arrange for a sexy stripper to join you, if that’s your thing. It is, isn’t it, be honest.

Another unique stag do activity in Krakow that we love is the Lost Souls Exploration Experience. Think of it like a haunted house crossed with an escape room. Groups of six are sent off with a flashlight to navigate 12 rooms (some of which are locked and you need to find the key to get free), while actors interact with you depending on the level of intensity you’ve booked. There’s nothing silly about Lost Souls, it’s genuinely scary with hacked-off-limbs everywhere, blood-soaked furniture, and some pretty extreme stuff if you opt for the full experience. It takes around 30 minutes, so something fun to do inbetween other activities perhaps. 

Krakow is known for its cafe culture - there’s plenty of good coffee to be found around the city if you need your beans roasted in the morning before you can get going. And it also has a thriving jazz scene. You’ll find lots of bars with live performances - U Muniaka near St. Mary’s Basilica is one of the most popular jazz clubs in Krakow.

For a chilled morning, you can explore Krakow’s attractive Botanic Gardens at the Jagiellonian University - an ideal spot if you’re planning a summer stag and it’s a hot day. Alternatively, head over to the riverside Forum Przestrzenie for some day-drinking in what is definitely one of the trendiest venues in Krakow. Once a rather ugly hotel, it has now been (sort-of) transformed with the addition of deckchairs and bean bags, graffiti, and DJs, into a place where young people gather in their hundreds to party. Come for a late breakfast, or pizza in the afternoons with craft beer on the side.

Krakow has some amazing art galleries if you’re after a bit of culture, especially the Poster Gallery. Polish film posters are renowned for their design, so they make for a good souvenir of your Krakow stag weekend. There’s also a fair few talented street artists around the city, who have created some massive, attention-grabbing murals, so keep your eyes open when walking around. 

Lastly, we can’t leave you without mentioning Cybermachina. This gaming pub is a brilliant spot to while away an afternoon, with retro consoles and loads of board games. If it’s raining outside and you don’t have any other plans for a few hours, or you’re nursing filthy hangovers, you’ll be among friends here.


Nightlife image 1
Nightlife image 2
Nightlife image 3

Most of the nightlife in Krakow, as far as stag groups are concerned, is to be found in the Old Town, most notably around the Market Square and among the narrow, cobbled streets of Kazimierz, the old Jewish quarter. The action tends to get going later in the evenings than it typically does in the UK, so pace yourselves. Start off with drinks at your accommodation before heading out around 9pm perhaps, or head to the casino in the early evening to drop a few zlotis in the slots. 

Market Square

The medieval Market Square is lined with lively bars, pubs and clubs, and is definitely the best place to start a night out in Krakow. There is a huge amount of choice when it comes to drinking holes in Krakow, and if you’re here for at least a couple of nights, a Guided Bar Crawl is highly recommended to help you get your bearings and find a few places that suit your mood. 

Buddha Bar is a chilled place with attractive, Kama Sutra-inspired interiors and courtyards for balmy evenings. Five minutes away, Dobry Krumpel (meaning Good Buddy, so you know what kind of atmosphere to expect), is a bustling cellar pub great for swapping stories with strangers over a few beers. 

Pub Polski is another favourite of our Krakow stag do’s, with its own microbrewery and big screens for sports. 442 is also a good option if you’re looking for Krakow sports pubs, with loads of screens and tasty burgers to soak up the booze while you enjoy the game.

TramBar is an old school cocktail bar, long a fixture on Krakow stag do’s, with a relaxed ambience and a superbly stocked bar. And then there is Mercy Brown, perhaps the best cocktail bar in Krakow in a city that is stuffed with them. Expect to pay steep (for Krakow anyway) prices for artisanal drinks using high-end liquors, but the decadent vibes in this sophisticated speakeasy definitely make it worth staying for one or two. 

Beer Gallery - Luxury is another of our fave Krakow bars, offering an encyclopaedic range of Belgian imports that are priced around 10zl. For cheap booze that sets you for the evening ahead however, seek out a few of Krakow’s many shot bars. They do love their vodka here, and we pay tribute to that with our own Vodka Tasting sessions, where you’ll try five different types with a handful of traditional Polish snacks. 

There are several good stag-friendly clubs around the Market Square too. Expect pop anthems and floor-fillers galore at old favourite Pod Jaszczurami, while Amnesia, open ‘til 4am, is a two-floored cellar club that’s popular with the student and backpacker crowd. Coco meanwhile has three rooms, two dancefloors and one seriously cool vibe, open ‘til 6am if you have the stamina.


Around the Kazimierz neighbourhood, it’s a good idea to just wander along and see where looks like it has a good ambience. The BroPub serves up craft beers and burgers, while the Gin Mill offers some of the best Dirty Martinis in Krakow. And if the groom-to-be has done something regrettable on his stag do, as so often happens, then track down Absynt, a cool absinthe bar where he can forget all his troubles, until he wakes up the next morning with one of his eyebrows shaved off.

There are late-night eats aplenty in Krakow, with loads of takeaways serving your classic fare. We’d recommend doing like the Polish do though, and grabbing some pierogi, or tasty stuffed dumplings. 


Is Krakow good for a stag do?

Krakow is fantastic for stag do ideas in Europe. Easily reached by budget flights from the UK, it offers cheap beer, loads of great activities including white water rafting, shooting ranges and boozy boat cruises, and a welcoming attitude towards well-behaved stag groups. 

Where do stag do’s go in Krakow?

Most stag do’s in Krakow tend to spend their evenings (and early mornings) in the many bars, pubs and clubs around the Old Town, especially the Main Market Square. The Jewish Quarter (Kazimierz) also has some fantastic nightspots, particularly some cool cocktail bars. 

Is Krakow safe for stag groups?

Krakow is generally a very safe city for stag groups. It has been on the stag do circuit for years, and groups of lads are welcomed in most bars and clubs in the main areas around the Old Town and Kazimierz. However, as with any popular stag destination, there are always a few dodgy characters out there so watch out for each other, especially if any of your group are the worse for drink. Drinking on the street is strongly discouraged, don’t flaunt big wads of cash (most bars take card), and of course, don’t give the door staff a hard time because they take a dim view of that kind of thing.

How much is a pint of beer in Krakow?

The average cost of a pint of beer in Krakow tends to be about 7zl, or £1.30, which is vastly superior to what you’d find in the UK, and one of the main reasons why Krakow is so popular with stag do’s. Imported beers cost more of course. Expect to pay around £1 for a shot of vodka. 

Is there a dress code in Krakow?

Most places do not have a dress code in Krakow. Most stag groups wear casual clothes - a shirt, jeans and trainers will do you just fine 99% of the time. We don’t see many stag groups in Krakow wearing fancy dress. It’s not frowned upon, and most pubs will allow it, so long as what you’re wearing isn’t offensive.

Can I trust your Krakow stag do reviews?

You can trust our Krakow stag do reviews 100%. They are published independently on Trustpilot. We average about 9.6/10 for reviews which we think goes to show we’re doing something right. And if you’re planning a last weekend of freedom with The Stag Company, we’d love to hear your feedback when you get back.


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