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Amsterdam Stag Do's

Cafes, canal boats and hedonistic pleasures

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Trending stag activities in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a seriously cool destination for a stag do - and there’s much more to the city than just cannabis cafes and the infamous red light district

Trending Amsterdam stag weekend packages

Why not pick out one of our ready made Amsterdam packages starting from £129. The Amsterdam High Rollers Stag Weekend Package includes all the necessities for an awesome stag weekend. Start the night with a delicious Italian two course meal, then head over to the casino and test your skills in blackjack or roulette, followed by a night on the dance floor! Feeling tired, don't worry we will throw two nights accommodation in with this package too, so the guys can head back and refuel for the next day. Not sound quite right? No problem, we can help you build a bespoke package just for you!

Amsterdam stag do guide

Amsterdam is great if you are looking for

  • Laidback by day, wild at night

  • Easy to get to, easy to get around

  • Legendary nightlife scene that's welcoming to stag groups

Amsterdam has a well-earned reputation for unbridled hedonism - for years Brits have headed over to take advantage of their more liberal cannabis laws and the (almost) ‘anything goes’ red light district. But there’s far more to this quirky, cultured capital than that. From world-renowned museums and art galleries to food halls, canal tours, boat parties and sightseeing by bike, you certainly won’t get bored on an Amsterdam stag weekend.

Just over an hour from London by train, just under four hours by train, Amsterdam is a classic stag weekend destination. This is a city that has it all: thirst-quenching beer, dry mouth-inducing strip shows and a host of exciting stag activities from paintball to beer bikes and bar crawls led by fiery dominatrixes. Read on for the best guide to Amsterdam stag do’s, including how to get around, what to do while you’re there, and where to find the finest stag-friendly nightlife in Amsterdam.

Getting around

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Heading to Amsterdam

There are several ways to get to Amsterdam, but in all likelihood you’ll be flying, with the Schipol Airport just over an hour by plane from London. From the airport into the city centre it takes around 17 minutes by train at only 5.90 Euros for a single ticket, or 20 minutes by taxi, from 50 Euros. Or, you could let us arrange your airport transfers for you, with the option of a stripper joining you for some spicy in-car entertainment.

You can also get to Amsterdam very easily by train of course - using the Eurostar from London takes under four hours. When you factor in that you’re going city centre to city centre, and avoiding long check-in queues and customs, that’s probably about the same time in total as flying, and much more eco-friendly. Ferry is another option, though it takes longer. The quickest way is the 6.5 hour crossing from Harwich in Essex to the Hook of Holland (14 sailings a week), then a two-hour train to Amsterdam.

Walking & Public Transport

Amsterdam city centre is small, scenic and flat, so most groups choose to get around on foot. For instance it’s a 30-minute walk between the three main stag nightlife areas of De Hallen, Leidse Square and Rembrandtplein Square. However if you do intend to make use of the excellent public transport network here then our advice is to get hold of an OV Chip Card, which covers the buses, trams, trains and metro. Just scan it on a reader every time you board.

This is a famously cyclist-friendly city, and you’ll see more bikes than cars on the roads. If you want to join the locals in getting around on two wheels then it’s really easy to hire bikes for the day, or a weekend. But be aware, bike laws aren't taken easy. They're treated equally to cars and if you do anything dodgy then you could be in some serious trouble, so take it serious if you do all get bikes.

Return Activity Transfers

And - if your stag activities are taking you out of town, such as Paintballing or Quad Biking, then don’t forget we can organise convenient, cost-effective door-to-door transfers for your group, so that you can relax and not have to worry about public transport connections or booking taxis. 

A Friendly Reminder

It's worth noting that while Jay-walking isn't against the rules, crossing when it's a red light is, so if you get caught doing this then you could receive a fine. But expect cars, bikes and trams to be flying everywhere, so crossing the road can be quite an intense situation, especially if you're from a rural area of the UK

Tips and ideas

The Best Stag Do Ideas in Amsterdam 

1. Beer Bike 

Get set for the ultimate tour of Amsterdam with this epic beer bike adventure! It’s like a pub crawl on wheels, but with pedal power and 20 litres of beer at your disposal. Each passenger seat contains a set of pedals, which you and your mates will use to propel this beastly vehicle through the streets. You’ll be able to soak up some of Amsterdam’s best sights along the way too as you guzzle down delicious beer and have a laugh with your mates. And before you ask, you’ll have a professional (and sober) driver onboard, who will be doing the steering, so all you’ll have to focus on is the pedalling and drinking. 

2. Red Light District Bar Crawl 

Come and experience Amsterdam’s legendary Red Light District and check out the hottest spots to sink a drink! You’ll journey through this city’s vibrant and infamous neighbourhood, led by an expert guide who knows a thing or two about an unforgettable night out! A bonus about having a local guide is that they’ll steer you clear of the tourist traps! During your bar crawl, you’ll enjoy a great mix of up to five bars, along with entry to one of the city’s top nightclubs. A shot will be included at every bar too, to keep that stag fun going strong. Cheers to a great night gents!

3. Car Smash

As far as stress busters go, we reckon this car smash is the ultimate one. It’s basically a therapeutic demolition derby, where you and your mates will be given the tools to smash the living daylights out of an old car. It’ll be 9 people per one car and you’ll be provided with all the necessary safety kit, along with your weapon of choice which includes sledgehammers, baseball bats, golf clubs and much, much more. It’s time to release any tension or pent up energy, channelling your inner hulk as you go!

4. Heineken Tour 

Big Heineken fan? Then you absolutely can’t pass up the chance to visit this incredible brewery and embark on a hops and history filled adventure! During the tour, you’ll learn all about the art of brewing and how this golden nectar is made. Expect plenty of fun facts and some tasty samples along the way too - it really is the hoppiest place on earth! This experience is brilliant and offers a fun, laid back atmosphere, making it the perfect addition to your Amsterdam stag weekend!

5. Ice Bar 

The Ice Bar is seriously cool - quite literally! In here, it’s a rather chilly -10 degrees celsius, but don’t let that put you off. It’s a unique place to visit whilst you’re on our Amsterdam stag do - everything here is made of ice, including all the bar furniture and the glasses that you’ll be drinking from too. Neat huh? The venue provides all guests with warm coats to wear during the experience, so you won’t be absolutely freezing! You’ll enjoy an hour in the ice bar, which also includes three drinks each. Get ready for a bar that’s unlike any other in Amsterdam! 

6. Private Canal Tour with Unlimited Drinks 

Soak up the chilled vibes of Amsterdam from the comfort of your very own, private canal tour, which also comes with unlimited drinks. For 90 minutes, you’ll cruise through the city’s waters, taking in the sights and unique architecture as you go. As for the drinks, you’ll be able to guzzle as much beer, wine or soft drinks as you like from the onboard fridge. You’ll have your very own skipper too, who will be driving the boat, leaving you and your pals to sit, back, relax and drink! If you fancy turning up the heat and stitching up the stag, then why not opt for our private canal tour that comes with a sexy stripper? 

7. Stripper Dinner 

No stag weekend in Amsterdam would be complete without some kind of appearance from a sizzling hot stripper. We’ve got various stripper based options available here, but one that we’d particularly recommend is a steak and strip experience. Not only will you get a succulent slab of steak, but you’ll also get a side serving of lovely views too. This is a great way to play a stag prank on the groom-to-be. But despite his protests, we’re sure it’ll put a smile on his face afterwards. How it works; you’ll meet your guide who will take you to a top venue in the city, where you’ll get stuck into a hearty meal, along with an ice-cold pint each. After your meal, you’ll be visited by a drop dead gorgeous stripper, who will perform a ridiculously hot 15-minute routine - what a great way to brighten everyone’s evenings! 

8. Escape Room 

If you’ve ever played an escape room in the UK, then get ready, because these ones in Amsterdam are next level! They’re the perfect ice breaker for stag groups where there’s people who haven’t met before and are a brilliant way to get the group bonding and working together. You’ll enter a room, where you’ll need to solve a mind boggling array of puzzles, riddles and clues so you can break free! You’ll have just 60-minutes on the clock though, so there’s no time to dilly dally. If you get really stuck, you can always ask for a hint. A word of advice, keep an eye out for any red herrings!

9. Quad Biking 

Get yourselves revved up for one seriously good quad bike adventure! You’ll head to an awesome venue, where you’ll be able to get your hands on some epic 350cc bikes, which can reach speeds of up to 60 mph. Prepare for thrilling off road antics along with a whole lot of muddy camaraderie as you tackle a variety of terrains. This activity also includes a safety briefing from your instructor, all the necessary gear and return transfers too, so there’s one less thing to think about. 

10. Nightclub Entry 

Continue the party vibes and wrap your night up in style at one of Amsterdam’s top clubs. First time here? No problem! We’re experts in a quality night out in Amsterdam and know all the best clubs for stag groups looking to party their way into the early hours. We’ll arrange for you and the rest of the lads to hit one of the city’s hottest clubs, where you’ll be able to keep the fun going. Keep the drinks and shots coming before heading onto the dance floor and throwing some ridiculous shapes. This is the stuff that legendary stag do’s are made of! 




Amsterdam has for many years been one of the most popular stag do destinations in Europe and, it has to be said, that’s mainly down to two things. The cannabis cafe culture, where you can fire up a joint freely, and the red light district (Rossebuurt) in Den Halle, the oldest part of the city. But the city is cracking down on the cafes due to bad behaviour, and it’s likely that tourists will be banned from them in the next few years.

As for the red light district, while it certainly has its charms, it can also be a seedy place where you need to watch out for yourself and your mates. Remember that it’s strictly forbidden to photograph the women behind the red windows, and that if you are tempted to strike a deal for a few minutes of passion, there’s no real way of knowing if the woman is there voluntarily. 

Among this labyrinth of medieval alleyways there are many strip clubs, sex shows and bars, including the legendary Banana Bar. It gets very lairy here, with stag and hen groups roaming around into the night. But Den Hallen is also very interesting during the day, and is home to a couple of excellent museums worth checking out, dedicated to two of Amsterdam stag groups’ most enduring passions: cannabis and erotica.

We can organise a wide range of superb Amsterdam stag do activities for you and the guys to enjoy, with convenient door-to-door transfers where necessary too. These include an Ajax Stadium Tour - great for footie fans, as well as Paintballing, Beer Bikes, Escape Rooms and Indoor Go Karting. Each takes up a morning or afternoon leaving you with plenty of time to explore Amsterdam, or chill in the pub with some day-drinking.

Another always-popular Amsterdam activity is the canal cruise. But rather than climbing aboard a big boat full of camera-wielding tourists, why not rent your own? You don't need a license to hire as you will have your very own skipper, plus you will have unlimited drinks during the 90 minute tour. Hungry? We've got you covered,  with enough pizza for everyone on board! And if that's not enough, we'll even throw in a stripper to spice up the journey even further. It’s a fun way to discover the lifeblood of Amsterdam, its historic canal system.

The Nine Streets is a picturesque, canal-side district, where you’ll find lots of cosy cafes with outdoor seating, cool boutiques, coffee shops, eateries and bars. This is an area best enjoyed at a leisurely pace on a sunny day, with regular stops for a beer. 

Another brilliant place to grab a bite to eat on an Amsterdam stag weekend, which we’d recommend day or night, is the Foodhallen, where you’ll find over 30 food stalls and bars serving international cuisine. Everything from dim sum to doughnuts, ribs to ramen, and a lively atmosphere as well. 

We'd recommend trying out Cannibale Royale, yes you've guessed it, they are big on meat, offering juicy burgers and generous steaks to delicious wings and soulful salads, even vegetarians are catered for and it's sure to satisfy even the most discerning palette. They also offer a selection of craft beers and cocktails to wash it all down with and get you set for the evening. With various locations around Amsterdam, you'll be sure to stumble across one of these restaurants. 

20 minutes-walk south of the Foodhallen is the Vondelpark, a fantastic big green space ideal for shaking a hangover. The famous IJ Brewery has a tasting room here too, for those requiring a hair of the dog. Alternatively, the Flevopark further east is also good for a wander, with wild swimming available, as well as a microbrewery in the grounds.

If your group fancies a little culture while in town, Amsterdam is home to some of Europe’s most prestigious museums, including the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. And for a different slice of culture altogether: think milkshakes, pinball, arcade shoot-em-ups and burgers, check out the TonTon Club gaming cafe, where you can relive the 80s, or live them for the first time depending on your age.


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Stag groups in Amsterdam tend to congregate in three main areas, all of which are within a short walk of each other. We’ll take you through each of these, but we would suggest that the best tactic for an Amsterdam stag night is definitely to begin with a Guided Bar Crawl. Led by a friendly guide, you’ll be shown around several of the city’s finest drinking establishments, and, if you wish, you can finish up in a nightclub with VIP entry sorted for you. The Dominatrix Bar Crawl is the perfect way to give the groom-to-be a night he won't soon forget. The night will be led by an alluring leather-clad mistress, who will take him on a wild journey between bars. She'll whip and tease him along the way to make sure this stag party is truly unforgettable! So if you're looking for an evening packed with kinkiness and surprises, look no further than the Dominatrix Bar Crawl. It's sure to be a stag night of fun and frolics that he won't ever forget!

We can also organise a Dutch Beer Tasting session for you and the boys. There’s much more to the brewing scene here than just Heineken, Grolsch and Amstel. If you have a passion for the finer things in life, then this is a great way to explore Dutch craft brewing, as well as to sample a minimum of five of the country’s most prestigious beers along with a selection of traditional Dutch snacks. A good afternoon activity we think, so you know what to look out for at the bar later on.

Leidse Square

This area is one of the key stag do drinking destinations in Amsterdam, as enjoyable just for people-watching as it is for sinking a tray of shots. This is where you’ll find the well-known Bulldog Cafe, on the site of an old police station funnily enough, which has played host to plenty of celebrities over the years. 

The Satellite Sports Cafe is another very sought-after bar for our stag groups in Amsterdam: Ribs, steaks, beers and sports on the telly - what more could you want? Oh, shots? How about the Chupitos Club, just a minute away, where you can enjoy a huge range of shots as well as expertly mixed cocktails?

And, because we love them, we also wanted to give a shout out to two of Amsterdam’s best live music venues, Paradiso and Melkweg, where you can always catch international bands and DJs, sometimes established names, and sometimes up-and-comers. Book in advance and expect to be partying alongside the locals. You’ll also find Chicago Social Club around this areawhich is a huge club over two stories, suiting house enthusiasts and techno fanatics. 

Rembrandtplein Square

Not far from Leidse Square is another very popular area, Rembrandtplein Square, named for the famous artist, who lived nearby. Highlights for stag groups here include the ever-lively Three Sisters, a fantastic bar with an open air terrace and plush Chesterfield armchairs inside, and Door 74, a Prohibition speakeasy-style cocktail bar that you’re recommended to make a reservation for, so popular it is. Another top place for a few drinks of an evening is the Cooldown Cafe, where local DJs mix the tunes, the bartenders mix the cocktails, and the tourists mix it up with the locals.

You’ll also find Coco’s Outback Australian pub here, which in our opinion is one of the best sports bars in Amsterdam. We can book lunch for your group here if your team is in action, so that you’re guaranteed a table. Expect a huge spread of ribs, buffalo wings, Aussie wedges, nachos and more. And later in the night, Club Air is among the finest late-night venues around Rembrandtplein, a huge, cutting-edge superclub with no fewer than five bars and a multi-tiered dancefloor. 

De Wallen

Close to the Centraal Station, De Wallen is the oldest part of Amsterdam, and its most controversial. This is where you will find the red light district, the streets lined with red windows in which scantily clad women pose, waiting to strike a deal. There are stacks of boutiques selling erotic paraphenalia, live sex theatres and X-rated bars around if that’s your bag, and you’ll see sights here that will make your eyes pop out on stalks. Not an area for the faint-hearted.

But De Wallen isn’t all about sex. There are plenty of nightspots around where you and the boys can enjoy a few drinks safe in the knowledge that it’s beer, and only beer, making the floor sticky. Belushi’s is a reliable place to grab a bite to eat early on in the evening (worth noting it also does a good full English in the mornings too), while Molly Malone’s is your classic Irish pub, with sports on the telly and a brilliant range of whiskies behind the bar. And for those stag groups that have reached a certain point in their evening where there is no coming back: The End is Amsterdam’s best karaoke bar, where you can hire a private room and sing ‘til your voices run out. Rumour has it the staff have a running bet on what time ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ is first heard every evening.


Is Amsterdam good for a stag do?

Amsterdam is a legendary stag do destination in Europe for Brits, and while the city is now making an effort to downplay the sex tourism angle as well as the famous cannabis cafe culture, there is still masses to do here. All your favourite traditional stag do activities can be found in Amsterdam, from paintballing to escape rooms, quad biking to brewery tours and guided pub crawls.

And of course, Amsterdam offers a fantastic night out too. Stag groups typically head to the pubs, bars and clubs around Leidse Square, Rembrandtplein Square and De Wallen, where you’ll find the Red Light District. The party goes on ‘til the early hours of the morning, and you’ll find plenty of hen do’s making the rounds as well. Happy days.

Do you offer Amsterdam stag do packages?

Our Amsterdam stag do packages are designed to make things easy, and good value, for you and your friends. Choose from a selection of packages that include accommodation and a handful of brilliant Amsterdam stag activities, and then feel free to add on whatever else you’d like to do. Need some inspiration? Our expert trip planners are full of up-to-date advice.

Where is your Amsterdam stag do accommodation located?

We have a wide selection of Amsterdam stag hotels to suit any budget, and they are always located within a 10-20 minute walk of the main nightlife areas in the city. We know that if you and the lads have had a session around Leidse Square or De Walle, the last thing you want is a long walk back to your hotel, or a pricey taxi ride. 

Looking to stay in a particular area of Amsterdam? Just let us know when you make your enquiry so we can tell you what we have available and make sure it’s priced in to your quote.

Can you organise a beer bike tour in Amsterdam?

Beer bike tours are among our most popular stag do activities in Amsterdam. If you’ve never done one before, basically you and the lads sit either side of a bar on wheels, and can sup a few drinks while pedalling. It’s nice and easy, as Amsterdam is so flat. The hard bit, the steering, is left to a (sober) local guide who will take you around sightseeing, with a few stop-offs at stag-friendly bars along the way. 

Can we do paintball on an Amsterdam stag weekend?

Paintballing is a classic stag do activity in Amsterdam, and one we’ll be more than happy to organise for your group of lads. It takes place around 30 miles out of the city centre, so as well as including 100 free paintballs, a typical package also includes free return transfers. That way you can be sure you’ll be in time for your session, and whisked quickly back into town again afterwards so you can nurse your bruises over a few cheeky pints before the night really gets started.

What are the most unusual or unique stag activities in Amsterdam for us to try?

While some groups want the tried and tested regulars of paintballing or go-karting, if you're trying to look for something a bit more unique then we can certainly help with that. We have listed a number of great bars, but you could instead head on to an ice bar, where you will get an hour and 3 drinks included per person to enjoy, with a glass made completely of ice (I bet that saves on the washing up).

But the winner for the most unique has to be Car Smash, an activity that can now be found in other cities but was originated right here. As the name might suggest, you will have an array of items in which you can smash the hell out of the automobile. Whether you'd rather go all gangster with a baseball bat or overkill with a sledgehammer, it's all up to you and everyone in the group. A great stress reliever and brilliant for some hilarious photos. This all takes place in a junkyard, so you don't have to worry about cleaning up at the end.


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