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Cologne Stag Do's

Cologne Stag Do's

Cologne, where Kölsch and banter flow endlessly and the nightlife is legendary. Prost to the ultimat

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Trending stag activities in Cologne

Cologne, is an OG in Germany, one of the county’s oldest cities, and it’s about to turbo-charge your stag do. Come here for heart-pounding daytime antics and a nightlife scene that's off the charts. The vibes are electric, the beer game is seriously strong and there are more stagtivities here than you can shake a stick at! Whether you want something adrenaline pumping or laid-back, boozy or outdoorsy, you’ll find something epic!

Trending Cologne stag weekend packages

Arranging a stag do in Cologne can seem like hard work but thanks to us, it needn’t be. Get the whole shebang sorted with our stag do packages in Cologne that can have you covered for everything you need. How about return airport transports, as many nights as you need in a hotel, hostel or self catering apartment and top activities? We’ve got all the most popular experiences in the city for you from bar crawls to strip clubs, beer tasting to bubble football, paintballing to football stadium tours and everything in between. And if those activities don't tickle your fancy, don’t worry because we've got a bunch of other packages to suit your style.

Cologne stag do guide

Cologne is great if you are looking for

  • Mouth-watering German beer

  • Epic activities, day and night

  • Banging nightlife

If you want to take your stag do to the next level, Cologne in Germany is the absolute business. This is a beer lovers paradise; this city practically breathes brews. Hit up the traditional brewhouses and you'll be swigging some of the finest liquid gold you've ever tasted. You’re never far from beer or bratwurst here!

Cologne is beautiful to explore, especially with Cologne Cathedral like a mediaeval giant, standing tall and proud. You and the lads can climb to the top for panoramic views of the city. Trust us, it’s the perfect Instagram moment. Then there's the Rhein Energie Stadion, a coliseum of football greatness. You can take a stadium tour where you’ll practically be stepping into the boots of football legends.

But it's not just about the sights; it's the nightlife that'll blow your minds during your stag do in Cologne. As you dance the night away, you’ll hear techno beats, house tunes and more that’ll get you busting out your best moves and, no doubt, attracting any nearby hen party groups! The German music scene knows how to get a stag party going. If you fancy some laughs, hit a comedy club where you’ll quickly discover that the German sense of humour is gold. What better way to kick start your big night out than laughing your heads off?

You’re also in for a treat when it comes to activities! You’ve got all the stag classics here including go karting, bubble football and paintballing as well as local experiences such as beer tasting and football stadium tours. So, gather the lads, pack your bags and get ready for a legendary Cologne stag do in the heart of Germany. Prost to Cologne!

Getting around

Getting around image 1
Getting around image 2
Getting around image 3

If you've decided to unleash the stag chaos in Cologne, you've made a top-notch choice. This German city is all about beer, banter and a dash of culture. Let us fill you in about how to get around to make sure you don't miss a minute of the action.

1. Flights

First things first, let's get you lads to Cologne. Forget the hassle of a long drive, and hop on a plane from the UK. Cologne Bonn Airport is your golden ticket, and airlines like Ryanair and Eurowings can whisk you away to German greatness. A swift flight from any of the UK’s major airports is the best way to kick off the stag do shenanigans. And Cologne can’t wait to welcome you!

2. Airport Transfers

Once you touch down, don't worry about being stranded in the middle of nowhere because Cologne Bonn Airport is around 29 miles and a 35 minute drive from the city centre, so you can practically smell the Kölsch beer already. Pre-book your airport transfers in advance with The Stag Company so you can jump straight in and be driven to the heart of the action in comfort in no time.

3. Trains and Trams

If you're feeling a bit more adventurous or want to save those beer funds, Cologne's got an excellent train system. The Airport S-Bahn (S13) will have you riding the rails to the city centre in a breeze. It's quick, it's easy and it's a chance to brush up on your German. It’s a good idea to download the DB Navigator app on your phone for train times and tickets.

4. Buses

Buses might not be the flashiest mode of transport, but they get the job done quickly and cheaply. Cologne has a solid bus network that covers the city and its outskirts. If your hotel is a bit out of the way or you're just feeling frugal, hop on a bus and soak in the sights. Plus, it's an excellent opportunity for some pre-game banter with the lads.

5. Taxis

When it's time to roll like VIPs or you're carrying one too many crates of beer, go for a taxi. They're easy to flag down, and the drivers usually know the city like the back of their hand. Taxis are a great option if you’ve been throwing shapes on the dance floor all night or just want to travel in comfort.

6. Walking

Cologne's city centre is a compact, walkable, stag wonderland. Once you're in the thick of it, you can pound the pavement and hit up the bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs without breaking a sweat which is great if you want to save the taxi money for more important things, like drinks tonight!

Tips and ideas

There’s so much to do during your stag weekend in Cologne that it can be hard to know where to start. But we’re here to help with our rundown of some of the most popular activities for groups of lads who love a good time.

1. Beer Bike

Gear up for a boozy stag activity with this beer that you’ll pedal through the city street while swigging on beer. You and the lads will have a whopping 20 litres of ice-cold beer onboard. It’s like a pub on wheels and you guys are the engine! It’s a great activity to make up for missing leg day! A sober driver will do the steering so you can all concentrate on having an amazing time as you sing along to party tunes and wave at passers by who’ll wish they were on the beer bike with you!

2. Bar Crawl

It’s time to paint the town red! But where should you start? Let us help you with a boozy bar crawl that’ll take you to the best watering holes the city has to offer. Get ready for a legendary night as the professional guide leads you through the city's hottest pubs and bars. A few shots each are on the house, and you can expect epic vibes at each venue. Entry to a banging nightclub will cap off the night nicely as you throw shapes on the dancefloor and get your drink on until it’s light out.

3. Bubble Football

Footie lovers, this is the activity for you! Bubble football sees you and your mates get into your very own big, inflatable zorb with your legs sticking out like a bunch of lollipops on legs. The zorbs encase your whole upper body so expect your balance to be seriously off. It's 90 minutes of pure banter, barging and bouncing off each other, and probably spending more time on the floor than on your feet! Forget the boring footie tactics, it's all about the chaos and laughs. It's like football meets sumo wrestling as you tackle by throwing yourself into the opposing team. This is an activity you’re never going to forget!

4. Party Boat 

All aboard the party boat on the River Rhine! You’ll be treated to unlimited booze flowing throughout your cruise, from beer to wine, prosecco to soft drinks. The party will get started immediately as the talented onboard DJ pumps out total bangers. Are you and the boys ready to tear up the dance floor on a boat? It’s like a floating rave, and the views of Cologne are off the charts. Experience pure party vibes as you cruise down the Rhine with your fellow party goers. This is the epic night out the groom-to-be deserves!

5. Paintballing

A Cologne stag do isn't complete without a paintball showdown! You’ll each be armed with a paintball gun and either 250 or 500 paintballs, ready for a hilariously messy game. It's like Call of Duty, but you're the hero. You’ll be split into teams to go to war where you’ll pelt your opponents and any of their targets with paint, while dodging paintballs yourself. it's pure mayhem and proper bonding. The stag's gonna love getting splattered, and trust me, there's nothing like the satisfaction of nailing your mate right in the backside! Get ready for battle, gents!

6. Strippers

It won’t go unnoticed that the women here are gorgeous, and we all know that female strippers are a must see during any stag do. It is the groom’s last weekend of freedom, after all! These ladies know how to spice up any night as they undress, dance, tease and please you all! Trust us, nothing bonds a bunch of blokes like a night watching these sexy women. You can watch strippers at a strip club, hire a lovely lady to come to your accommodation to perform for you or even watch strippers as you tuck into a tasty steak dinner. The choice is yours. Whatever you go for, the groom-to-be is in for a treat!

7. Go Karting

This ones a classic! Go karting sees all of you burning rubber, hitting hairpin turns and battling it out for a lifetime of bragging rights. It's like Formula 1, but with your mates and way more banter. You'll kick off with qualifying rounds to find out who's the Stig of the stag do. Then, it's pedal to the metal in a variety of races. It's like living the Fast and Furious dream, but with your own crew. It’s to discover, once and for all, who your group’s greatest driver is. So, rev those engines, boys, and let the stag do Grand Prix begin! 

8. Football Stadium Tour

Want to kick off your stag do in Cologne like absolute legends? Get ready for a 90-minute tour of the legendary Rhein Energie Stadion! It's not your average stadium tour; it's a dive into German football greatness. This beast of a stadium screams football glory with its iconic steel towers and 50,000 seats. It even hosted the 2006 World Cup Finals so you’ll all be walking on the same turf as history was made! Your tour will take you around the locker rooms, dugouts, pitch and many secret spots. It's footie heaven!

9. Brewery Tour

German beer is amongst the tastiest in the world, but instead of just downing it, why not learn how it’s made? Your group will enjoy 45 minutes of pure beer heaven, witnessing the magic behind crafting that liquid gold, getting an inside look at how they whip up that German tasty brew. From traditional methods to the secrets of the distillery, you'll be soaking in beer wisdom like a true brewmaster. If you love a cold one and want to know its story, this Cologne brewery tour is the activity for you. You’ll even get tasters and samples!

10. Nightclub Entry

Cologne's nightlife is the holy grail for a stag do so you’ve got to hit the nightclubs for a night out you’ll never forget. Expect pumping beats, amazing lighting and a dancefloor that’s ready for your epic moves. German clubs are like a music mecca with techno, house and all the beats that'll make your stag do epic with an unrivalled, feel-good atmosphere. Whether you're standing at the bar, enjoying a chat or showcasing questionable dance moves, it's going to be one hell of a last night of freedom. So, suit up, grab the lads and dive into the heart of Cologne's nightlife until it’s light outside.


Nightlife image 1
Nightlife image 2
Nightlife image 3

Buckle up, party animals, because Cologne's nightlife is about to give your stag do the epic status it deserves. This German city doesn't mess around when it comes to partying, and we've got the lowdown on the best areas and what makes each spot a legend in its own right.

The Belgian Quarter

This Belgian Quarter is paradise for beer lovers. Pubs here are as abundant as high-fives at a stag do. Dive into spots like Päffgen or Brauhaus Früh to sip on some top-notch Kölsch, the local brew that’s totally delicious. This is a great area if you want to experience the true spirit and atmosphere of Cologne. Trust us, lads, nothing sets the vibe for a stag do like clinking beer steins and plotting your next move.

Old Town

If you're after a night that feels straight out of a mediaeval beer tale, the Old Town (Altstadt) is your destination. Get ready to explore cobblestone streets and historic pubs that have an atmosphere that’s perfect for a stag do. Hit up the Früh am Dom for a traditional German experience. You can practically taste the bratwurst and hear the oompah band just thinking about it!

Zülpicher Strasse 

For a more laid-back but still fun night out, Zülpicher Strasse is where the cool groups and students hang out. Bars line the street and the drink prices won't have your wallet begging for mercy. Embrace the lively vibes, get your drink on and maybe even challenge a local to a beer pong duel!


Ready to crank up your stag weekend in Cologne a notch? Hohenzollernring is where you'll find the big leagues of nightlife. This is where the real stag do heroes emerge. From upscale bars to banging nightclubs, this strip has it all. Check out Papa Joe's Jazzlokal for some live tunes and then slide over to Nachtflug to show off your dance moves…or lack thereof!

Strip Club

Let’s not forget about the risqué side of Cologne. It’s famous for a reason! If you're feeling a bit cheeky and want to add some spice to the night, the strip clubs here are a whole different level. Be warned, it's a one-way ticket to temptation, but hey, it's your stag do. Live a little! Clubs like Pascha will make sure you're well-entertained by some of the most gorgeous girls you’ve ever seen in your life!

Clubbing in Cologne

Hitting a nightclub is always an epic finale for any stag weekend in Cologne! Bootshaus is an EDM haven where the bass hits you like a freight train and the energy is off the charts. But if you're more into classy vibes, check out Crystal Cologne. It's all about the upscale experience. Think VIP treatment and cocktails that’ll make you feel like James Bond. Whatever kind of music you’re into, you’ll find something here to suit your taste as you drink, dance and celebrate a legendary last night of freedom.


Why is Cologne good for a stag do? 

Absolutely! A Cologne stag do is the stuff of legend with beer flowing like water, epic nightlife, gorgeous scenery and a vibe that’ll make you want to celebrate hard all weekend long. The locals know how to party, the beer is top-notch (hello Kölsch!) and the city is a playground for mischief. From historic pubs to wild nightclubs and strip joints, Cologne combines mediaeval charm with modern mayhem your whole group will love.

When is the best time for a Cologne stag weekend?

A great time for a Cologne stag weekend is spring or summer as that's when the city comes alive and the party scene is in full swing. The weather is decent, the beer gardens are buzzing and the streets are alive with good vibes. Oktoberfest might be a tempting time to come to Germany, but be prepared for the crowds. If you want a bit more space and good weather to unleash your stag madness, aim for the warmer months.

Do you offer stag do packages in Cologne? 

We've got your back when it comes to Cologne stag do packages! We can offer everything from airport transfers to accommodation, epic pub crawls to activities that'll make your Instagram followers seriously jealous! Skip the stress of organising and let us, the experts, handle the logistics. It's your stag do, after all. You should be focusing on fun!

What are the best stag do activities in Cologne? 

Cologne isn't just about the beer (though that's a massive part!). For the adventurous lads, there's bubble football where you’ll be bouncing around like giant beach balls, trying to score goals while wearing one-man zorbs. Paintballing is another winner. Nothing says stag do quite like firing and dodging paint bullets with the lads. For the more leisurely-paced legends, beer bikes are the way to roll where you’ll pedal through Cologne with a beer in hand. It's like a pub crawl on wheels! And when the night falls, unleash the beast with epic bar crawls, female strippers and banging nightclubs, pumping out techno until the early hours.

What language do they speak in Cologne? 

In Cologne, they speak German, but don't sweat it if your Deutsch is a bit rusty. English is the universal language of beer and banter, and you'll find most locals can dish it out in English, especially in the touristy areas and nightlife spots. If in doubt, throw in a "Prost!" This means cheers. What more could you need?

What currency is used in Cologne? 

The currency used in Cologne is the Euro. So, make sure to stash some notes in your wallet before hitting the pubs, clubs and whatever else the night throws at you.

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