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FootGolf stag weekends: What to expect

About FootGolf

Footgolf – it’s a bit of football and bit of golf combined, and it’s one stag activity that’s certainly soaring in the popularity stakes.

available destinations:

What to expect

 We love our football but we can’t help but feel that it would be improved by taking part on a golf course. And we love our golf, but surely it’s more logical to kick the ball than bother with all this club business. If you feel the same, then we’ve got the ideal activity for you lads. It’s crazy, but it’s true – this activity blends golf and football into a new and amazing hybrid.

Perfect for sport loving stags, footgolf takes what’s great about golf and makes it faster, more accessible and more fun. Instead of cracking out the 2 Wood or 8 Iron, you’ll be relying on your right and left pegs to get you onto the green.

Footgolf is a laugh a minute activity, we’d recommend that you get dressed up for the occasion. Think offensively coloured jumpers and Pringle socks here. And even better – you’ll be properly suited and booted to immediately head on for a spot of pub golf once you’ve wrapped up on the course.

Footgolf is an ideal activity for lads who love their sport, and who love a laugh. It’s also great for the competitive side of a stag do. Everyone will be racing to see who’s up to par and who’s got the shooting skills of Heather Mills. And to make things even more exciting we’ll throw in some forfeit cards to make you even more sure that you don’t want to come in last place.

What is FootGolf?

Get ready to have your mind blown - FootGolf is an inspired combination of Football, and Golf. It’s a fun sport that’s sweeping the country, and perfect for stag do’s.


Essentially, you’re playing golf and following broadly the same rules, walking the course as you normally would and trying to get the ball in the hole in as few attempts as possible. Only instead of using clubs, you’re using your legs. That is pretty much all there is to it but then, sometimes the simple things are the best.


Where will we be playing?

In most cases, FootGolf takes place on a regular golf course, with specially adapted holes to accept larger balls - pack it in - with each hole usually a par 3, 4 or 5. For example, on a Bratislava stag weekend you would be on a course on the outskirts of the city centre suitable for both golf and footgolf with the expanded hole sizes.


Can we bring our own ball?

Most groups will use the ball provided by the venue when playing FootGolf on a stag do. However, you can feel free to bring your own - it just needs to be a size 5. Make sure it’s pumped properly beforehand, as this can have a serious effect on your game.


Is there a minimum group size for FootGolf?

The minimum group size for FootGolf is usually four, but this can depend on the venue. If you have a large group you might want to consider splitting it into two, as tee times are staggered by 10-15 minutes, for a bit of friendly competition. We can make that competition even spicier by suggesting a few forfeits too.


What footwear do we bring?

The best footwear for FootGolf is trainers. Football boots and blades will not be allowed, and you want to be able to give the ball a good wallop, so trainers are definitely the best bet.


How long is the course?

Depending on the venue, and your requirements, you should be able to play either 9 or 18 holes. Holes range from around 50 to 200 yards and we recommend that you allow 90 minutes to two hours to play 18 holes. For example, on a Manchester stag do, you would have 2 hours to complete the course, including a co-ordinator to guide your group along and ensuring scores are kept.


Can we hire golf carts?

Why you lazy… you’re not even going to be carrying clubs! In some venues golf carts may be available to hire. Contact our friendly stag do planners and they can find out for you.


Is there a dress code?

Most venues do have a fairly relaxed dress code. We suggest a mix of typical golfing and football attire, Pringles up to the knee and shorts.


We’re a bit slow, is this going to be a problem?

Not at all, this is a very inclusive sport. Just as you would in golf, if another group behind you is biting at your heels, you can let them play through.


Can we wear fancy dress for FootGolf?

Some FootGolf venues will allow fancy dress, given what a popular stag do activity this is. It’s always best to check beforehand however, so tell your stag do planner what you plan to be wearing and they can find out if it’s permissible. You just need to keep in mind that these are family-friendly venues.


Can we drink alcohol while playing?

Consumption of alcohol is not permitted while playing FootGolf, and you’ll likely be asked to leave if caught sinking a few tinnies on the way round. Best leave the booze ‘til afterwards, when we can arrange a game of Pub Golf for you.


How do we get there?

You can make your own way to your FootGolf session - most venues will have car parking facilities - however we’d always recommend using our convenient, door-to-door transfer service. Not only does it offer great value, but it just means less hassle for the group. No-one needs to drive, no need to worry about getting lost or being late.


Do you have any tips for winning at FootGolf?

Absolutely. Firstly, clothing. Athletic gear, and shorts, are the most suitable, giving you the best range of movement. Second, if bringing your own ball, make sure it’s the right size (5) and full-pumped. Bring a towel too, to wipe mud and grass off now and again.

Next, treat FootGolf as you would a round of golf. Make use of the course map you’ll be supplied with so that you know where you can expect hazards and obstacles, and work out how to avoid them. Bunkers, trees and water hazards are all likely. Take the wind into account with each kick so that you can use it to your advantage.

While you won’t be carrying clubs, don’t forget that the way you strike the ball can have a significant impact on how far, and the direction, it goes.

And lastly, just as you would in a game of golf, think strategically when it comes to the power you kick the ball with, always keeping in mind where you want it to finish up, so that you have the best chance of winning.

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