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Flexible payments!

- 0% interest monthly payments

Price match promise

- if you find a like-for-like stag do for less, we'll match it!

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Whether you’re just looking for a functional base to rest your head or are after more roomy accommodation, we have plenty of options for your stay abroad. From modern hostels to 4 star hotels, we’ll have something perfect for you and your budget.

Most of our accommodation is within 15 minutes’ walk to the town centres and is checked and stocked by our friendly and knowledgable ground agents, who will ensure your stay is enjoyable and comfortable. Furthermore, they are always on hand to answer any of your questions and provide directions.

Types of stag Do Accommodation Abroad


City Centre Hostels

Our hostels are perfect base camp if you’re looking for budget accommodation. A little less space but just as nice as some of the more expensive options, and you’ll be left with more spending money!


Central Standard Apartments

If you’re looking for more private accommodation our central standard apartments are for you. They are located in or close to the town centres, so you won’t have far to stumble back after a night out!


Central Comfort Apartments

Great apartments at a great price. Our ground agents check all our apartments to ensure they are always fully stocked with towels and bed linen, so you can just concentrate on having a good time.


2-3 Star Central Hotels

Our agents will spend time looking for the best value hotel for your stag weekend, and we commit to the premises being within 15 minutes’ walk of the city centre.

Luxury hotel

4 Star Central Hotels

If you have a more generous budget, our 4 star hotels are for you! We get great rates from our suppliers, so you can save when you book through us!

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Featured Properties

If you’re on the hunt for accommodation for Europeans stag weekends, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want somewhere simple to rest your head or a swanky hotel, we’ve got you covered with everything from hostels to four star hotels, all with a friendly vibe and great value for money. When it comes to European stag accommodation, most major cities offer apartments but we also offer hostels and hotels to suit all groups and budgets. Let’s rundown where’s best to stay:

European Hostels for Stags

Alright, all you party animals, we’ve got a little nugget of wisdom to drop on you, hostels are where the real magic unfolds. No, we’re not talking about the Hogwarts kind of magic (although that would be awesome!), we’re talking about the kind of magic that turns your stag adventure into a legendary tale for the ages, and at a wallet-friendly price. Just imagine you and your pack of stags bunking up under one roof, sharing stories, secrets, and laughing hard.

Hostels bring together a mix of like-minded travellers from all corners of the world. You’ll meet some cool people as you enjoy late-night chats and communal breakfasts. Hostels aren't just a haven for your wallet, they're a haven for your party spirit too. Remember those nights when the party was so good, you wished it could stretch on forever? Well, in hostels, the party never truly ends. From communal game nights to shared kitchen cook-offs and impromptu dance-offs, you'll find yourselves in the middle of a non-stop fiesta.

And let's not forget the local secrets waiting to be unlocked. Who needs a guidebook when you've got the lowdown straight from fellow travellers? Hostel staff and guests are a goldmine of insider info on the hottest pubs, hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path adventures. Say goodbye to FOMO and hello to a European stag do packed with authentic experiences and unbeatable memories. Hostels aren't a one-size-fits-all deal. Whether you're all about the camaraderie of shared dorms, where laughter and banter echo through the night, or you're craving a bit of solo time in a private oasis, hostels have your back.

European Hotels for Stags

While hostels may have their charm, if you fancy something a bit more comfy and fancy, hotels are your ticket to a stag do experience that's as grand as your wildest dreams. When it comes to hotels in Europe, you're not just booking a room, you’re stepping into a world of comfort, where you'll sink into soft beds after a night on the booze and wake up to a hearty breakfast that’ll nurse even the fiercest stag do hangover.

Your stag crew will revel in the privacy and tranquillity that a hotel provides. Hotels also come with a host of amenities from bars that serve up all your favourite drinks to on-site gyms where you can work off those late-night kebabs.

Don’t mistake hotels as being a luxury you can’t afford. While they’re not our cheapest option for accommodation, three and four star hotels can come at a surprisingly value for money price when booked through The Stag Company. So, whatever level of comfort you’re after, your hotel room awaits once you’ve finished painting the town red and giving the groom-to-be the last weekend of freedom he deserves.

European Apartments for Stags

Want to make Europe your home from home? Then we highly recommend staying in an apartment. And luckily, we offer loads of them in the best European cities. These gems offer an experience that's as comfy as your favourite recliner, as lively as a pub crawl and as private as a VIP booth at the hottest nightclub in town. You and your wolf pack will step into an apartment that feels more like a home away from home. Unlike hostels or hotels, apartments offer that cosy, homely vibe that's essential for prepping your stag do shenanigans. You'll have your own kingdom where laughter doesn't come with a curfew, and where you can plan your stag adventures with the enthusiasm of a sports coach during the World Cup finals.

Apartments aren't just a place to crash; they're your personal playgrounds. Many come with the essentials like towels and bedding and even have a kitchen for those epic pre-party feasts. And here's the kicker: you won't just be in the city; you'll be in the very heart of it all. Imagine stumbling out of your apartment and being in the centre of the action, with pubs, clubs and landmarks waiting to be conquered. Privacy is the name of the game. Unlike hostels where you might be serenaded by a stranger's snoring or hotels where your revelry might raise an eyebrow or two, apartments are your sanctuaries of seclusion. You can blast your stag playlist as loud as you want, dance like nobody's watching (unless you're sharing your stag do moves on social media, of course), and have those late-night heart-to-hearts without fear of disturbing anyone else's beauty sleep.

Staying in Amsterdam and Budapest

While most EU destinations rock the apartment game, The Stag Company offers a huge number of awesome hotels and hostels that add a splash of variety to your stag do experience. Amsterdam, the city of canals, bikes and a certain herbal delight, welcomes you with open arms and an array of options. We've curated a mix of hotels and hostels that are as diverse as the stag party shenanigans you're planning. Whether you're looking for a comfy crash pad after a night of bar-hopping or a lively hostel to keep the party vibes going 24/7, we've got you covered.

Hungary's party capital, Budapest, is another exception to the apartment rule. Here, hotels and hostels come together in a symphony of stag-friendly accommodation. Whether you're channelling your inner kingpin with a hotel fit for a monarch or opting for the high-energy camaraderie of a hostel, Budapest's options are as eclectic as your crew's dance moves.

Meininger Hotels

Let's talk about the real MVPs of stag-friendly accommodation, Meininger Hotels. These bad boys are your golden tickets to an epic stay that won't break the stag bank. Lads, imagine a place where stag dreams become a reality. That's right, Meininger Hotels have got your back when you book with us. With their stag-friendly vibe and wallet-friendly prices, these hotels are like the fairy godmothers of stag do accommodation in Europe. Comfortable beds? Check. Central locations? Check. Enough space to re-enact your epic dance battles?

Double check. Whether you're in Prague, Munich or beyond, Meininger Hotels are your trusty sidekicks in the quest for the ultimate stag experience.

A&O Hostels

If you're looking to crank up the party dial to eleven, A&O Hostels are here to make it happen. These hostels aren't just a place to crash, they're a sanctuary for round-the-clock stag shenanigans. Imagine a vibrant atmosphere where fellow stag warriors gather, swapping tales of conquests while sipping on brews. With a mix of private and shared rooms, A&O Hostels bring together comfort, affordability and the kind of memories that’ll have you laughing for years to come.

In the grand tapestry of stag do planning, accommodation isn't just a place to rest your head; it’s a place you share stories, pre-drink and make hilarious memories with your best mates. From hotels fit for stag royalty to hostels that ignite the party spirit, our carefully chosen options are like the supporting actors in your stag do blockbuster. So, grab your passports, rally your crew, and get ready for a stay that's as epic as the adventures and activities that await you.

Trip Planner

Welcome, gentlemen, to the heart-pounding world of stag do planning! As you embark on the epic journey of organising the ultimate pre-wedding shenanigans, we've got your back with a one-stop guide to creating an unforgettable stag do in Europe. Whether you're the best man, the groom-to-be or just a dedicated member of the squad, buckle up for a wild ride! Europe is the perfect playground for stags; a realm where unforgettable memories are forged and legendary tales of brotherhood are written. From the bustling streets of Prague to the dazzling nightlife of Barcelona, the cheekiness of Amsterdam to the historic charm of Budapest, Europe offers a huge number of stunning and exciting destinations that cater to every stag group's wildest dreams.

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Choosing the Perfect Place to Stay

Now, let's talk about accommodations, fellas. The choice of where you rest your heads can make or break your stag do experience. As you embark on this epic journey, consider three essential factors: proximity to the action, access to activities and the all-important nightlife scene.

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Access to Activities

Your stag do wouldn't be complete without a line-up of adrenaline-pumping activities. If you're planning to indulge in outdoor adventures like quad biking, paintballing or water sports, consider staying close to the action. Picture yourself high-fiving your mates as you conquer the waves, then strolling back to your accommodation with tales of victory to share.

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Proximity to the Action

Being in the heart of the action is crucial. Whether you're looking for famous attractions and landmarks, a cosy corner near the city centre, a jumping-off point for your exhilarating activities or even somewhere to plot pranks, make sure your European stag do accommodation is strategically located. Imagine rolling out of bed and finding yourself just steps away from the buzzing excitement of your chosen destination. It's not just convenient, it's a game-changer!

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Here's the golden rule, guys: restaurants, pubs, and bars, they’re your stag do lifelines. Proximity to these havens of mouth-watering grub and ice-cold beverages is non-negotiable. Whether you're feasting on local delicacies, raising a toast with your mates or hitting the dance floor and throwing epic shapes, having these venues within stumbling distance ensures an unforgettable time and minimises any...ahem, navigational challenges.

Crafting the Itinerary

Alright, gents, now that you've secured your dream base, it's time to build the stag do itinerary that dreams are made of. Strike a balance between adventure and leisure, a mix that keeps the excitement flowing while also allowing some precious chill time. Europe offers a smorgasbord of adrenaline-charged activities that'll leave your hearts pounding and your spirits soaring. Imagine rallying your squad for a day of go karting, skydiving, or even a booze-fueled beer bike tour through the cobbled streets of somewhere fascinating and fun. Each activity adds a new layer to your stag do tale, and the memories made will be recounted for years to come.

While you’re bound to dive headfirst into heart-pounding activities, don't underestimate the power of leisure time. After all, what's a stag do without some laid-back bonding? Consider a relaxing few hours in a German beer garden, a cruise along the picturesque canals of Amsterdam or a wine tasting in the vineyards of Portugal. These moments of calm provide the perfect opportunity to reminisce, share stories and gear up for the next adventure.

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Book Your Restaurant Reservation Before You Go

Lads, let's dive deeper into the unsung hero of your legendary stag do, the feast that fuels your epic adventures. Booking your stag do meal with The Stag Company before you even pack your bags is the secret sauce you didn't know you needed. Get ready for a taste of convenience that takes your stag do experience to a whole new level. Imagine walking into a bustling restaurant with your crew, the air filled with excitement and laughter. But hold on – your table is ready and waiting, reserved like a VIP spot for the stag do legends you are. No waiting around awkwardly, no disappointed faces; just a seamless transition from heart-pounding activities to a satisfying meal.

Time is your most valuable asset on a stag do, and each moment counts. By pre-booking your meal through The Stag Company, you ensure that your preferred dining time is locked in, freeing you from the stress of last-minute scrambles and long queues. More time to relish mouth-watering bites, more time to clink glasses and more time to create memories that'll be talked about for ages after. And let's not forget the bill-splitting debacle; we've all been there. It's the moment that turns an otherwise perfect evening into a chaotic maths exercise. But fear not, for The Stag Company has your back. When you pre-pay for your meal, you bid goodbye to bill-splitting stress. Everyone gets to indulge in a slap-up meal without a second thought.

Booking your stag do meal with The Stag Company isn't just about convenience; it's about reclaiming your freedom to focus on the essence of the celebration – enjoying every second with your mates. Whether you're diving into a gourmet spread or cheap eats, savouring local delicacies or devouring a hearty BBQ, your meal becomes an integral part of your stag do story. Pre-booking your meal out is the ultimate recipe for convenience, getting rid of any wasted time spent waiting around or stress of finding somewhere decent to eat. Cheers to the feast ahead!

Stag Do Accommodation Abroad

As you embark on this epic journey of planning a stag do in Europe, remember that it's not just an event, it's a masterpiece in the making. Consider where to stay, the adventures you embark on and the unforgettable nights that unfold. It's a celebration of brotherhood, a tribute to the groom-to-be and a gathering that’ll echo with laughter for years to come. So, gentlemen, gather your wits, rally your crew and head on the European stag do adventure of a lifetime!

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